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Mendocino, California, USA

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So, someone backed up the good Wiki articles, right?

@bigheart711 said:

Yeah, it was really sad to see it go. Thankfully, I saved all of my important wiki work from there into document files before it disappeared.

A small band of us humble Screened wiki contributors are building a new TV/Film wiki site at wikia.com. It's called To Hollywood and Beyond . It's still in its infancy but slowly taking shape day by day. We managed to save some wiki content. We either transferred our own work or got permission to transfer other's where relevant. I think a lot was still lost though. You are all welcome to join in. I know you're already aware of all this @bigheart711 but I wanted to include you in this response anyway.

Definitely check To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia. We're continuing the wiki from Screened and keeping it alive.

I'll check it out!

RIP Screened...

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Where's Whole Foods on this list?

Whole Foods' CEO has made some pretty gross political statements, but what makes them one of the worst companies in America? High prices? lol

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It's obviously a Republican conspiracy.

@mb said:

Let me also just add he was a fervent gun control advocate...and a Democrat. Oh, irony. <3

This was the federal government investigating a state government official. The conspiracy people are nuts and focusing on the Freemason component of the story.

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Great article, Patrick. Kickstarter is about funding cool projects by way of a democratic process. Facebook represents the tech/finance behemoth from Silicon Valley, and the passion of a small team is undermined when corporate influence gets involved. I'm not happy with the news.

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How much this motherfucker cost?

Good point, could well cost as much as a PS4...


remember when everyone left alexis all by himself when he was playing with the oculus?

someone sell this to me.

Lol good memories. I like Morpheus, I think it'a an exciting technology and I can't wait to see some demonstrations!

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TB and Rock Paper Shotgun liked it. Not much else...

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@zeik said:

I don't think any of those terms really fit. They're not "friends", or even really aquaintances, because as much as I feel like I know about them sometimes and despite how much they've become such a regular part of my life, they don't actually know who the fuck I am. But they're more than just strangers. I think Ryan's death proved that to me. I've had family member deaths affect me less deeply than that did.

Frankly I have no idea what term I would use to describe it, but it's certainly a weird relationship.

That's the point I'm making. They occupy an odd space in our lives that no generation before has been exposed to. It's a new kind of relationship.

And Jeff totally is all over the internet streaming increasing hours of his life lol

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That's true. Although more hours of my week are 'spent' with the GB guys than most friends, if I add up the content I consume.

And isn't it also creepy to call them 'strangers you follow from a remote location?'