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Since this morning (8 hours ago) I can't play videos at all. The play button does not appear. The shaded rectangle where the video would normally be is there, and when I mouse-over my cursor turns into a hand, but clicking does nothing. Right clicking it gives me the default right click menu as though I'd clicked the background.

Windows 8.1, latest Chrome.

i have this exact same issue but i'm using the latest firefox version

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seems like warner needs to find better companies to do their porting mkx was also a buggy mess on pc when it released

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added you

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i'm already done with it the gameplay is funo for like 15 minutes for me then it's just meh and really hate the gamemode they offer

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if you get in a car unarmed and press the shoot button you flip people off

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ign made a couple of videos with like a 100 of this cool bits


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if you have artistic gifts why not try a quick drawing during load times :P

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it's on mexican steam for 180 pesos which translates to 11.80 dollars us lol

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@august: they represent the percentage of sales in each console

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i just came to laugh at definition edition :P i don't care about the devil may cry series i only own the hd collection cause it was mega cheap but i was smart enough not to play 2