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@stealthmaster86: everybody knows the best raid/mercenaries character is hunk the face less merc with no mercy or remorse

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it's pretty much just a part of saints row 4 you do all the diversions to rise a meter to finally fight satan it probably lasts about 5 hours to get 100%

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i always loved this game is one of 2 games i once played from start to finish without ever getting up of my chair this and resident evil 4 :P quick question how d you unlock the bsaa costumes?

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i have 2 suggestions the first is try starting a new game and if it fails re download

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i got access during the alpha but i really couldn't get into the game out of all the mobas installed on my laptop this one gets the least playtime

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9.3 millions cause i feel generous

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something like this happend to me i was trying to get 100% on brutal legend i got stuck in geography so i saved and quit then when i tried to reload the data was corrupted and i was at 98% i complained to tim schafer on twitter and he apologized lol

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i got the wii fit trainer and gave up on looking for them lol

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@zolroyce said:

@bbalpert said:

Oh God, he was watching us... He might even be watching us RIGHT NOW!!


Is he in my hair? Is Jaffe in my hair? EW GET HIM OUT, GET HIM OUT!

Also, gross, he used the white version of GB, armature hour Jaffe.

wait a second what if one of you is jaffe and you are acting paranoid to try and hide it hu? hu?

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i still own my copy of freedom fighters for xbox such a terrific gamei still play it from time to time on the 360 the only thing i find funny is the hitman ragdolling lol