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i used to play something called race the nags gambling with the fellas in the mighty windows 3.0

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i knew this would happen that's why i already own the game :D

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quite the opposite now i can't wait for the phantom pain

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i mod a buddy that streams sculpting on twitch and everytime someone asks this question here is our answer

feel free to stop by and watch his stream at anytime http://www.twitch.tv/cnotbusch

Terry's guide to sculpting - http://audiour.com/playlist/d11qjlx4 -- Basic Tutorial: http://bit.ly/LlM4xm; Sculpting Process: http://bit.ly/1ng3Pwt; Tools: http://bit.ly/1goaJ2h

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so if it has no game wouldn't it be more like a fan kit or something like that?

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was this patch note attatched to a ba dum tssh sound clip?

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i like charge characters specially vega

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@therealmoot: they already said is a girl and mike haggar was the first one to be completly denied

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i'm donvarone add me fellas i'm always overleveled lol right now i'm half way to the level 38 again

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i think if you go look for a physical copy you might find one cheaper than 20 bucks