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if you get in a car unarmed and press the shoot button you flip people off

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ign made a couple of videos with like a 100 of this cool bits


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if you have artistic gifts why not try a quick drawing during load times :P

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it's on mexican steam for 180 pesos which translates to 11.80 dollars us lol

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@august: they represent the percentage of sales in each console

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i just came to laugh at definition edition :P i don't care about the devil may cry series i only own the hd collection cause it was mega cheap but i was smart enough not to play 2

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man this is awesome but i wanted to see gameplay and if jason doesn't put people in a sleeping bag and smashes them to dead in a fataility i'll be a sad panda

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so i'm going crazy over a game i think it's a james bond game but the thing i kinda remember is it had a cluc scene in which some of the club goers were just 2d sprites it was infamous for this. if you know which one it is please help me :C

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jill valentine i was incredibl happy when she popped up on my revelations 2 raid mode cast