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Oh God, he was watching us... He might even be watching us RIGHT NOW!!


Is he in my hair? Is Jaffe in my hair? EW GET HIM OUT, GET HIM OUT!

Also, gross, he used the white version of GB, armature hour Jaffe.

wait a second what if one of you is jaffe and you are acting paranoid to try and hide it hu? hu?

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i still own my copy of freedom fighters for xbox such a terrific gamei still play it from time to time on the 360 the only thing i find funny is the hitman ragdolling lol

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this exact same thing happend to me when i pre downloaded the ultra sf4 dlc however i could only play the base super street fighter 4 none of the updates till the dlc was unlocked

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yes lord yes!!!!

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so where does the boold goes

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i enjoyed it but every boss fight was way too easy not a single one made me try more than 2 times

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i'm gonna be honest and say i want free stuff :P

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this is great news it is about time we get to play as barry in something other than mercernaries modes and stuff i always liked the guy

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i'm gonna watch a playthrough on youtube cause i wanna see if they give a reason for the stupid shoe bandages

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