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@scarabus: Unless the already have a fully working emulator that does not eat resources for every OS...like DosBox...for their OS.

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It was weird...everyone had a bad day where I work...we have one lady that has been stressing about having major surgery next week, and she said that is less stressful than work today. I found out at lunch, and kinda just went Fuck. I am 32, and have been reading a watching Ryan for a VERY long time. I left Gamespot when he did, and found this sit when he joined. I guess this is what it felt like when John Lenin was shot.

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AKA a fully funded kickstarter hunting bonus goals now.

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@Mezmero said:

Way to stick to your guns Navarro. Oh, I get it. Your writing makes the most obvious platitudes of video game business fascinating to read. The future looks bright for corporate America while the working class gets boned by a damn cartoon company! This project could be huge for Disney but do they really need to get any bigger? They're freaking Disney! They own your entire childhood. Hell, they own the childhoods of today. It's absolutely frightening how transparent the marketing angle is on this idea. I'll just be waiting for the toys to become self- aware and destroy us Geth-style.

I wouldn't mind reading more editorials like this. There's no one on the staff more opinionated so might as well put those opinions to work. It's going to be a bumpy year for video games. Plenty to talk about.

Wasn't the a horrible little animated Kids movie a few years ago about toys that got the wrong chips in them, and then took over? That may be why there are no points of articulation, then if the buggers go nuts they can't move their arms to stab you with a nail file.

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@Terramagi: Obsidian finally did something smart...they kickstarted Project Eternity after everything the put out got it development time cut or the project got canceled.

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@Slaegar said:

What does this mean for people who bought games on their service?

Those two will be pissed.

This is exactly why I decided to not buy games there. With GOG.com or steam I am pretty sure I will still be able to access my games in 2 years. Also if you did not keep paying for your online membership, you lost access to the games...and the cost the same or more than steam.

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Hmmm....nobody got that chill I did when Jeff noted the whole backdrop was a green screen. Just stop and think about warlords on that monster....or what they will due when drunk....

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@e_p said:

List of development costs of other Schafer games I saw posted on another forum:

Monkey Island-$150,000

Full Throttle-$1,000,000


Brutal Legend-$24,000,000

So it's not an unreasonable amount of cash yet.

Hmm....so if we can keep up the pace for the next month we could get Something better than Brutal Legend....2 Psychonauts...or Tim Shaffer becoming more popular than the pope....all good outcomes.

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@wumbo3000 said:

400 grand in 33 days? That seems like an impossible amount of money...But good luck to the Double Fine guys! Wish them the best!

They've made almost half already.

lol'd. wumbo3000 did not see that coming!

It jumped $24,000 in the time it took me to post the my first post....