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I wonder if Infinity Ward sees this as their future--put out as many Call of Dutys as possible until they burn out, then spend their time working on DLC on the next big thing until their studio finally closes. Activistion seems like a really depressing place; these franchises could last so much longer if they gave them a chance to breath more.

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Great read! I've been waiting for Spelunky to go on a Steam sale ever since the Spelunk'n with Scoops feature started...here's hoping we don't have to wait until the next winter sale for it to happen again.

Edit: Not that it doesn't look like it's worth fifteen bucks, Steam has just trained me to expect a game to go on sale for like nothing the day after you give in and buy it for full price.

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I sure seems like they paid for exclusivity and I trust Patrick's reporting, but in the interest of discussing things I suppose there is another possible incentive for iOS exclusivity: just avoiding the android piracy rates for the first few months, much like how Ubisoft delays their PC releases.

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That price plus the DRM on physical media puts the Xbox One squarely into the "do not purchase" category for me. If Sony has the same price and the same DRM restrictions, it looks like I'll be settling with a WiiU/PC combo this generation. I also wasn't too impressed with the general visuals...sure, there was some stuff that looked like it just barely couldn't be done on current gen consoles, but nothing that really screamed "the new generation is here!" In fairness, the PS4 will probably have the same problem there, games are just already too expensive to make on current gen hardware, let alone a step up.

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Here's hoping KOTOR III is possible after TOR didn't do so well...hopeful cooler heads will prevail and they'll look at KOTOR I and the similar Mass Effect games for sales projections instead.

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I find it downright bizzare how far so many bloggers and journalists are going to try and "figure out" why so many people are disappointed with the ending. It has nothing to do with demanding a "good guys win everything yay" ending, or player agency or choice or anything like that. It's that the whole thing came down to a goddamn MAGIC GHOST BOY saving the day. How the hell is that element not front and center of every article about this?

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Also, just as a random heads up you CAN change your PSN address to a fake one even though it requires and checks for a "valid" address; you just need to google a random city's zip code and make sure those two items match up.

This breach might not be a big deal in and of itself, but it's yet another reminder that you can't trust Sony with your personal information, even when their full wieght is being put behind fixing this scenario. Take your real information off of your PSN account and just use a gift card for Journey when that comes out.

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@N7: Sure it's a hack, or was. If they changed your password, they have your account. That's hacking.
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If you didn't get a "your password has been reset e-mail" and you can log in right now, you're pretty much fine, right? (As far as this hack goes, anyways.) I assume if they changed your password, you'd get an e-mail about it, and even if they ALSO hacked your e-mail and deleted the password change message, you wouldn't be able to log on to your PS3 since the password it has saved would no longer be correct. Right?

Also, assuming that's true and things seem fine at the moment for your account, it strikes me as a BAD idea to switch your PSN account to another e-mail that you never check since you'd never see important messages like "your password has been changed" in case of attempted hacks in the future.

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Digital distribution will probably get rid of used sales altogether in a few years anyways. In the meantime, why not help the Gamestop crowd get used to interacting with their console's online functions and make stop used game stores from making all of the money off of  products they didn't make? Seems fair to me.

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