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I find it strange that people could read pieces like Leigh's and get out if it that "gamers have won" like Chris Kluwe did. I saw it as a frustrated tirade at the group of gamers who were perpetuating "thezoepost" harassment and the chasing of Anita Sarkeesian from her home. There's a way of telling people that the market for games is broader than what people perceive to be "Gamers" without resorting to referring to those people as "obtuse shitslingers" which Leigh failed to do.

If she wanted to encourage people to create games for emerging markets, there's no reason to focus on established markets, she should spend that energy describing those people who can make games that try to reach outside of the traditional demographic for video games. She can bring up Nintendo's success with the Wii and the success of mobile games to engage an entirely new audience as examples of how to reach out to people who wouldn't even know they were "gamers".

Instead she relied on old stereotypes in an attempt to weaponize the word "gamer" to mean something that to most people who would use that word, it doesn't. Most who use it, as I do, would probably agree more with Greg Tito's idea that a gamer is one who plays games as a primary hobby and is interested in their history, creation and makers. People might play Journey, but a "gamer" might dig around and find out who Jenova Chen is, that Austin Wintory was nominated for an Academy Award, that Kellee Santiago went to work for Ouya, and that Journey was preceded by Flow and Flower.

I mean, I get that she's frustrated, and she's probably seen more scary shit than most of us can even comprehend, but Leigh did herself a disservice by trying to equate the actions of some sociopaths to a larger group than she realized. Just because her friends don't like to use the word, doesn't mean everyone's like her friends.

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I keep desperately trying to stay off a Persona 5 hype train, but every time I wake up, it's like that opening scene in Persona 4, cut to Igor, then Margaret, and you're on the damn train.

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By the way, this isn't an arcane law that is being enforced now in a strange way. HB 276 passed in May this year giving people with open carry permits the right to carry around weapons without the police being able to give disorderly conduct violations to those people. It was passed in the Utah house with a 27-1 vote and was signed at the last minute of the legislative session and signed by Governor Herbert. This is the same legislature who controls gun laws and gives the Board of Regents no power to bar firearms on Utah University campuses.

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The whole thing is pretty disgusting. I hate that we're seeing the attacks that we've seen on people like Samantha Allen, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkesian, Jenn Frank, and Brianna Wu. I also hate seeing the misogynist shitbags who are doxxing, making rape threats, and making death threats against them held up as "examples of gamers" by people who write about games.

Wasn't that holding up of the "obtuse shitslingers" and "hyper-consuming manbabies" as the face of "gamers" what sparked the #GamerGate movement in the first place? It was outrage that the media that covers games would attack the people who were playing games by putting these terrible people forward as the representative of "gamers" and people went nuts about it.

The hostility is being shoved out there from both groups, those who would attack women in this industry for existing, and the people who hold these people as the example of what a "gamer" is. Those are both sides that I see and the most extreme forces of both sides of this argument. Leigh's "Gamers are Over" article was desperately trying to narrow the attack down to those people who's hostility affected Zoe and Anita to the point that they didn't feel safe in their own homes, but with a thesis like "Gamers are Over" she kept opening the range of who she was attacking. Then people followed suit with increasingly alarmist and more extreme versions of that sentiment and people got sick of the attacks.

Now you have angry people and where there's angry people, there's a potential to channel that energy for ill or good. There's people that I think have been reasonable among both camps, and people who have only thrown matches and poured gasoline into the fires that have been raging. Most people I've read who could be considered pro-GamerGate (like Erik Kain, and after the "worse than ISIS" statement TotalBiscuit) seem interested in having a real discussion about issues of journalism's evolving place. Hopefully after Brianna's failed attempts to talk to Nero (who seems interested in this as long as he can further his own personal agenda and career, and he'll be gone once there's no more gold to mine from it) she'll reach out to someone else because open discussion is the only way we clear the air here.

[tl'dr?] There's a group that we can all agree needs to go away, and that's the people who are threatening people for having an opinion. The people making threats, releasing personal information, wishing death on people for a difference of opinion, they need to have people band against with a unified front, not as gamers, journalists, developers, or anything other than people.

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Intermittent boots on Tuesday, Thursday, and tonight as well. Everything finally evened out a bit tonight after a while and I was able to get a few strike missions in without getting booted.

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i guess we're closing in to time to play. Sent a request on the NA-West group. PSN Name: Darokyu

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Golden did add that Valentine event though, which didn't have any explicit consequences, but boy do you feel like shit for turning the girls down.

This. A thousand times this. That Valentine's Day event if you're a lecherous fiend during the game can get rough.

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Are you looking for things which are available on PSN as PS1 Classics, or just PS1 games in general? I'd throw in Intelligent Qube but it's prohibitively expensive in North America (Qurashi is on PSN in Japan and I think Europe though).

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Just for Transistor? No. It' good, it's not a console seller. If you already have plus and you've been stocking away things like Outlast, Don't Starve, and Resogun and you're interested in inFamous: Second Son, now it's a more tempting offer.

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Can someone convince The Beastie Boys to let this New York saga open with "Sabotage"?