Q & A Video

Hey guys, this is not really GB-related per se but I managed to make it to 100 subs on Youtube and going to be doing a Q & A video for the occasion so if any of you guys like to ask me a bunch of questions, feel free to leave the questions in the comments below or PM them to me if you wish. Thank you!


E3 Conference Review

Here are my thoughts on the three main conferences of E3 2010.  I didn't mention the EA and Ubisoft conferences but I watched them both live and thought they were pretty decent with a few games that stood out.  Dead Space 2 looks great and is more of the same, which is not bad thing since I loved the first one.  Ghost Recon: Future Soldier looks quite good and has piqued my interest now. Rayman Origins looks gorgeous and that was probably the game from both conferences that I cannot wait to see more of.  Crysis 2 looks stunning but you expected no less.  
So with that out of the way, here are my reviews on each main conference.  Each part represents a conference so enjoy.


E3 Thoughts

Just a short video going through what I expect to come out of the main press conferences at E3.  Enjoy!



Video Blog 1/6/10 & Yearly Backlog

My latest videos give me impressions on RDR, LP 2 amongst other games and my yearly backlog video where I state 10 games I plan to finish by the end of the summer.
Here they are in all their crappy quality: 


Blog is back, back again!

 Wow, 3 blogs in a space of a week. Seems like its 2006 all over again. Anyway, I would first like to thank everyone who gave their time to watch my recent video remembering what I call the "good old days" of Gamespot and how I would like to play games and chat with some of my online friends again. Everyone who gave their opinion on the situation I appreciate and pretty much was the same opinion nonetheless, which I kind of expected.

Since the videos, I have played some Super Street Fighter IV with Mike (EightBitWarrior) & Michael (LordofUltima) and was good fun although I ain't really great at the game. Had a few matches also with people over at a place called FrugalGaming and that will be happening every Tuesday night, which is pretty cool. Really like playing that game despite me being pretty mediocre at it.

Another game I have been playing is Picross 3D, which is my very first Picross game. Man, it is so addicting to play. I tend to play it during my break time in work but it is definitely one of those games you can pick up and play for several minutes at a time or play for a few hours and try to 3-star every puzzle in the game. I have to get the other Picross game now due to loving this one a lot. It's in the running for my DS game of the year thus far. Also, working my way through a 5-year old game known as Half Life 2. I am in the Nova Prospekt chapter (Chapter 10) meaning I only have another 3 chapters to do and it's in the bag. I ain't going to do the episodes afterwards since a big game is coming out next week and will be dedicating my time to it in single-player and multi-player. That game is of course Red Dead Redemption.

I really hope this doesn't give me the same disappointment as GTA IV did but its a western open world game that is bound to be good since I enjoyed GUN for what it is and this should be 10 times better. If you guys are up for some MP action, hit me up and we can raid gangs and camps and cause chaos.

As you can see, I have been doing reviews recently also. I am in the process of my Nier review at the moment, which should be finished during the weekend but will be over at GamerEuphoria.com for a exclusive period of time before I put them over here so if you want to read them first, go over there. Rocket Knight is one I plan to do soon as well and boy that game brought back fond memories of my childhood.

Anyway, just want to say thanks to all of you who have stuck with me these past 4 years and let's look forward to the future with great games and great times. Peace!


Overdue Blog

Title says it all! 



Updates and Twitter

Well, I am now apart of something millions and millions of other people are and that is a little something called Twitter.  I didn't really see myself ever going over there and being apart of it but its kind of cool I guess but it ain't something I will become obsessed with like some other people are.  Anyway if you want to follow me on it: the name is DarroM85.  Darro and DarroM were already taken, which is surprising to say the least.
Oh and about the whole deletion of my GOTY Nom videos.  Let's just say that Windows Movie Maker is stupid and is a brain-dead program that wouldn't let me save movies.  Also,  no one was watching so couldn't be bothered then.  I will have a new vblog tomorrow just going over the month of January and talk about Bayonetta a good bit.   Also, will talk about my GOTY noms and what my GOTY is anyway.
Getting Ys: The Ark of Naphitism in the mail for rental tomorrow hopefully.  Looks good and I want to finish more games this year and thus going to rent most games instead of buying them.  Plan to complete at least 50.  Done 4 thus far so if I focus my time on one or two games, I could easily do it no problem and complete at least 4 or 5 games a month.  Wish me luck.
Anyway, expect a vblog like I said tomorrow and take care.  Toodles!


Completed Games of 2009

I have done this over the past couple of years now where I give you guys a list of the games I went on to complete in 2009.  Due to several things, including work and buying way too many games and not focusing on some of them enough, the list is smaller than the previous two years but I hope to change that in 2010.  These are in no particular order now.
1.  Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty.
2.  Dead Space
3.  Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
4.  Chrono Trigger DS
5.  Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
6.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine
7.  Tales of Vesperia
8.  Batman: Arkham Asylum
9.  Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time
10.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
11.  Call of Duty: World at War (Co-Op Only)
12.  Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
13.  Dragonball Advanced Adventure
14.  Rhythm Heaven
15.  Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
16.  Brutal Legend
17.  Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood
18.  The Beatles: Rock Band
19.  Resident Evil 5
20.  Killzone 2
21.  Klonoa Wii
22.  Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
23.  The Lord of The Rings Conquest (Both Campaigns)
24.  Alien Hominid HD
25.  Dash of Destruction (this one shouldn't count really since its like 10 mins long or something) :P
26.  Fallout 3 DLC Mothership Zeta and Operation Anchorage (again, probably shouldn't be counted since I haven't actually finished the main questline)
27.  Left 4 Dead
28.  Rocky & Bullwinkle (Completed all shows)
To tell you the truth,  I am surprised at how much I actually did complete this year looking back since I assumed it would be around 20 or less.  Some of the games on the list were well worth the journey through whiles others were not (I'm looking at you LOTR Conquest with your near-broken gameplay etc).  My GOTY nominations will be coming up this week and if not this week, will be definitely the week after since I am off work thus will have plenty of time to do the videos.  
Anyway, take care guys and have a happy 2010! Toodles.