Darro's Pickups 16/12/09

Should have had this up here the other day but I guess laziness came to play.  Just another video where I show my latest purchases and also tell you what my GOTY plans are this year.  Just to get it out of the way, it ain't going to be as big mainly because I didn't play through a whole lot of games this year to warrant different categories and instead just going through my top 10 games.  More details is in part 3 of the video.    
In this video, I talk about my annoyance with Dragon Age: Origins, my short impressions on MW 2 and more.  Take care and will see you back next week with my Christmas pickups vid.


Rant Attack - US vs UK Playstation Store

A different video for once from myself.  I actually did a few of these videos during my GS days on subjects such as game pricing, delays etc.  This one has to do with a problem I have with one particular section on the Playstation store and that has to do with the PSOne Classics part and the comparison to what we get in the UK and what the US offers.  If you can go on somewhere online and see the two lists for yourself, you will probably feel like I do that we are getting screwed since the games we get I wouldn't necessarily call "classics" at all.  Anyway, enjoy the video and let me hear your thoughts on the situation if you have any thanks.
PS:  Don't bother leaving comments about the lighting because I mention it at the start of the video and I know my lighting sucks.  My webcam does have a low light boost but doesn't record as well (runs at half the frame rate pretty much).


Darro's Pickups 2/11/09

Its another 30 min death video blog from yours truly.  I know for a fact that its what I accustomed to and frankly, if you guys don't like it I got two WORD FOR YA!!  Its just me talking about the purchases I made in October with some lengthy impressions on a few of them if you're interested.  Anyway, enjoy nonetheless and see you guys around.


Mystery Unpackaging 3

Another unpackaging video from yours truly.  Some of you out there have this game already and have heard of its reputation for being quite hard indeed.  Anyway, enjoy the video and see you guys soon.


Darro's Pickups 30/9/09

Its been a few weeks since I done a blog of any kind whatsoever and what a way to return by doing what I do best and that is bored the hell out of you guys with my ramblings equalling up to a 30 mins blog spilt into 3 parts of course.  I just talk about my recent purchases and ramble on on a few of them.  Some will watch and endure while others will not. :p  Enjoy nonetheless and see you guys soon hopefully.


Mystery Unpackaging 2

It is me again after a several week hiatus pretty much.  A few weeks ago I did a video where I unboxed a mystery item, which of course turned out to be a NES wit 44 games and accessories completely boxed.  Once again, I acquire another package but not as epic as the previous one.  It is for a game that has been released recently and I am going to love it since the demo was kickass.
Anyway, enjoy the video and see you guys around.


Darro's Pickups 18/8/09

Here we are with another pickups video from myself and I conclude my mystery unboxing by unboxing and showing off the console itself.  I was at my capital city of Belfast today hence the reason why I have a lot of games to show in the video but hope you enjoy.  Now I am away to check the NES out and pray that it works alright. :P


Its here - The Mystery Unboxing!

Last week, I teased you guys about something that was coming my way and that it would be somewhat an unpackaging of epic proportions.  Well, today I received said package but not with everything unfortunately.  But I found out why that was and its in the video itself if you want to know why.  Anyway, if you want to find out what I got, then check the video and leave your comments (no stupid ones now like don't care or something along those lines).


Music Madness Pilot

I decided to do a new little feature where I pick 3 video game tunes I adore from the past and present and talk about them and the games they are apart of etc.  The pilot episode is a start and hopefully I will be a bit more critque in future episodes but for now, here you are.  Enjoy and if you want to post music that I would like, feel free to do so.  


Something big is coming!!


If you know me on here or elsewhere, you will get an idea that I buy a lot of games etc. Sometimes, I buy them purely on impulse and sometimes, I get something because I want to get it. Well, I have got something, which is definitely part of the former part. What is it you may ask?

It is this...

SUCKERS!! You will have to find out in due time. One person already knows but I told that person to keep it a secret for the time being and I am sure that person will do so no problem.

Let's just say it is going to be an unpackaging of epic proportions. Toodles.