Games Played & Bought

Hello guys, its been a few weeks since I did a blog so I just decided to do one where I just go through what I've been playing.  I actually plan to go back to my old schedule of doing one per week since it will make things more appropriate and also chances are they will be shorter the more often I do them.  Anyway I talk about the problems I have with Too Human, why TNA Impact is not a great wrestling game and more.  Anyway, enjoy the video.


Note: Video is being processed as I typed this.

The End?

This blog brings bad news especially for myself. As you all know, in January 2007 I picked up a laptop that cost £1350 and I did pay it off within the scheduled time. I did everything on this laptop: gaming, blogging, watching videos etc. But recently, its got to a point of bothersome since it seemed to get really hot very quickly and therefore things would slow down and chug on screen.

Well on the night of 11th September, my relationship with my laptop has come to an end. I was watching a video of a good friend of mine online when it just went off. I was thinking, "It will be alright, I just need to let it cool down and will be ok in the morning." But this time it was not to be. The laptop I have had for nearly 20 months is dead. I put it on the charger and the charging light is not coming on. Tried switching on but nothing is coming on. I am just downright unhappy about this situation because I paid over a 1000 pounds for a machine that hasn't lasted me 2 years.

I don't know what exactly the cause of its death is but I think its probably one or more of the most important parts of the laptop finally caving in and blew. The processor, motherboard and/or graphics card etc. The overheating must have got to them and they blew and therefore, my machine is dead.

The thing is though, I would be alright if this problem is fixable but I don't think it is and that is what makes me the more unhappy and annoyed at the same time. All my videos, games etc are on it never to be recovered. If some miracle occurs and it is fixable, it ain't going to be cheap and at the moment, I don't have the money to fix it meaning its just a waste of space. There is a place nearby that does repairs but not sure if it can do something like this. Looks like I will have to resort to my older laptop (which still works and is over 5 years old) to surf the internet while my brother is on this one.

I am unhappy about this. Goodbye, my good friend. You left me way too soon.

EDIT:  Apparently my laptop has somewhat risen from the dead and that its somehow working.  I don't know how this occurred.  All I did was loosened some screws just to see if I can find the cause of the problem. and blew dust off it.  Took the battery out and cleaned it and voila, its alive!  But I am definitely making sure I go as soon as possible and get this heating problem sorted out since I believe it is the cause of this problem.  Can you get some sort of coolers for laptops?


My Review Plans

Following up from the video blog I did on Friday talking about what I plan to do in the future, this blog is going to go over what I plan to do in terms of reviews.

Since I started on Gamespot over two years ago, I done 4 written reviews and 4 video reviews but I can only mention the reviews I did for New Super Mario Bros and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves as being semi-professional in terms of video and Condemned in terms of written. I want to change that and make better video reviews and better written reviews and I will vary from both from time to time or else do a video and text review for a certain game.

So, where am I going to start? I am going to start on the games I know about very well thus it will make it easier for me to write the review for them. Games like Super Castlevania IV, Shenmue and Zelda: A Link to the Past. Since I have played these games several times through, I do have a great understanding on what they are about and the gameplay mechanics are etc. Once this is done, I will work my way into more modern games and games that I have in my collection but never gave my time to in the past and thus would like to play through them for two reasons: one would be to write a review on the game and to shorten my backlog down.

So when will the first review be? Well, I plan to do one review a week starting in September and I plan to do one on one of my favourite games of all time just to kick thing off. In terms of video reviews, one will be done once per month or two months depending on how I feel since it takes time getting the footage and editing it of course. Below is a list of 5 of my favourite games and I would like you guys to pick the one I should start with. Here we go:

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Super Mario Allstars

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Shenmue I or II

Super Castlevania IV

So choose one of those delightful games above and my review plan will come into effect once it hits September. Anyway, catch you guys later. I'm off to do some good ol' gaming.



The Future for Darro

I have done a video  blog that is quite different to what I do usually.  In it, I talk about what I want and plan to do in the future in terms of my blogs and also, the possibility of learning a new language.  If you want to check it out, click here and enjoy.



Games Played and Bought


Its just a normal video of myself talking about the recent purchases and gaming in my life. I will be having another video up in the next few days discussing several topics so look out for it. It involves my future in blogging and writing so stay tuned.

Enjoy the video nonetheless. Toodles.


Darro's Top 22 Game Tunes


I decided to do something that I haven't done before, as a few of my friends on here have done it and thus followed their path.  The video above represents my top 22 game tunes. The thing though about doing these type of videos is that you will end up missing a certain track from a game you loved but just couldn't remember thus it is not there but overall, I am happy wth my list but I kind of forgot about Crisis Core: FFVII since there was a tune from it I am fond of.  Anyway, the list spans several generations and if I had the chance, there would have been a few tracks from several games on the list but since I abided by the rules of one track per game, that didn't happen. I hope you enjoy the video and should bring back some fond memories because it certainly did with me.


PS. I do realise I put Top 20 at the end of the video when I was supposed to put Top 22 but ah well, nobody's perfect.


A New Beginning

Hey guys, this is just a little video blog here just to sort of prove I am here to stay on GiantBomb and that perhaps, it can become my new online home but only time will tell.  Anyway, short but sweet.  (Its short!!??) :P


The Big Bang!

Kind of a stupid blog title I know but well, the Giant Bomb site has finally launched proper and it looks pretty cool thus far and hopefully it continues to grow as time goes on.  Anyway, I will be posting here as well as over at Gamespot but some of the blogs might be the same thing and others will vary.  Anyway, here is a video that I really like from Youtube.  A talented pianist playing my favourite Castlevania Tune, Bloody Tears.
I tried to embed the video on here but it won't show up for some reason.  The text just pops up and took the embed code from the video
and nothing