Posted by Darro

Hey guys, this is just a little video blog here just to sort of prove I am here to stay on GiantBomb and that perhaps, it can become my new online home but only time will tell.  Anyway, short but sweet.  (Its short!!??) :P

Posted by TonyS

Good to see you doing videos here, Darren. I also really like that you have shortened them. In the past, the length of your videos made it difficult to view while at work. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing some creaative stuff from you.

Posted by SkoneLL

A short video blog from Darren? This definitely is a new beginning. :P

But yeah, glad to see your enjoying it over at Giant Bomb. I'm still gonna be on both sites for the time being, but I definitely see myself on GB a lot more as time goes on.

Posted by AndyWilliams24

Short? Video? Things sure have changed. Good to see you over here buddy.

Posted by psychomode

Length - 2:57?
You've changed, Darro. You've changed. :(

Posted by lightwarrior179

Pretty short for video blogs coming from Darren. You are Darren,aren't you? :P
I don't plan on making GB my online home. I think I will rather divide my time I spend here as well as on GS.

Posted by Blitzer

Hey, glad you decided to check things out there. Can't wait for more vids!

Posted by L

Oh yes, loving the new name Darro. I am really liking the site and does have a lot of features, some that are fun to check out too.

Posted by brooklyngrenade

I know you could not wait to get this username.

Posted by Gigastormz

Glad to see ya here, my friend.  I'm seriously thinking about calling this place my new "home" too.  Later!

Posted by Johnman

Good to see ya over here dude!

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Its good to see you over here, bring back the long videos, I enjoy watching them :P .

Posted by 100th_bullet

Yes, well, I'd like to see another Darro epic -- like that GOTY compilation you made a few months back. Excellente.