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Posted by Darro


Been a while since I actually done a proper video excluding the GOTY ones.  The title says it all pretty much.  Have to say its worth the money unlike other so-called special editions.
Posted by DeVeAn

Looks pretty neat. So many games coming so little money.

Posted by DBoy

Man I needed that laugh. Camera going everywhere was hilarious. 
We need to play some MP this weekend, if you're off, of course.

Posted by natetodamax

The Giant Bomb staff did an unboxing video for the same version.

Posted by FunExplosions

Aw man. I threw up. It's everywhere.

Posted by Darro
@DBoy:  Working this Saturday night but if you are on early enough, we can play a few hours of it.  Haven't touched the game since I am focusing on ME 2, which I should have done by today or tomorrow.
Posted by RenegadeSaint

It really is a fantastic SE.