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I personally loved this episode and it was my favourite episode of the season along with 3! The ending you felt was the most meaningful is the one I went with even though I kind of regret the last choice I made but not going to go back and change it so sticking with my "With AJ in Wellington" ending.

I do agree with you on some points in that some of the characters just seemed to be there like Mike who didn't bring anything to the table and his turn just seemed to come out of nowhere in a meaningless way. I liked Bonnie in a way but her just hating me all of a sudden for not trying to save Luke enough was pointless despite the fact I did try and save him and almost died because of it.

I do think the characters in the first seasons were better although I wish Jane was in this season more since to me she was the best new character mainly because she got more development than most of the other characters who were there from the start and I didn't want her or Kenny to die but it had to go that way and my connection to Kenny despite his downward spiral got the better of my Clementine.

I am very interested to see how Season 3 goes now considering the various endings there is to Season 2. I enjoyed the season overall although it had its shortcomings but will still be getting Season 3 when it comes around, which I will guess will be end of 2015 possibly first half of 2016 or later.

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@hagane: Was going to thank you but realised they are just the same one (4th December 2007). Oh and I tried just copying the links as shown but nothing is there. The 8th August 2006 is not there since I tried it myself and hence why I asked if anyone had it. Strange that most of 2006 and 2005 are there yet there are a few not like the one I mentioned.

Edit: The first one above doesn't work but I believe all the other ones do, which I will probably check out since I never listened to the Hotspot really again after Jeff got fired and only went back to Alex and Ryan's last ones a while back.

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Very thoughtful read Patrick. In a few weeks time, it will be 15 years since my favourite cousin died and I still remember him fondly with the sleepovers we used to have and the like back in the 90s before he tragically had an accident that left him in a coma for months before he was gone. As long as you treasure those memories and times you had together, they will last forever despite knowing that they are no longer with us.

We will always cherish what Ryan did for us on here and on Gamespot before that and knowing we have hundreds of hours of video and audio of him shows that he will have a lasting legacy on the cold, cruel world that is the Internet.

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Anyone have the 8th August 2006 Hotspot since that is one of the episodes I enjoy listening to but is not on the list above. It is the last one that featured Carrie Gouskos and the first to feature Vinny.

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Words can not express how much I am grateful for this since even though the This Year collection of the Hotspot is great, I always wanted to find somewhere where I can listen to old episodes and came across this thread. I remember some of the episodes like the 21st August 07 one has the kid who kept calling in with the short stories and the rap and Alex and Tor Thorsen losing it just as the call ended.

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Nostalgia is a part of why my No 1 choice is also your No 1 choice since ALTTP is my favourite game of all time. But it made me love Zelda again since I did not enjoy Skyward Sword for the time I spent with it. I didn't finish Skyward Sword since I got bored of it after the 3rd dungeon for several reasons like bland world to explore, constant hand-holding etc.

And nice to see some DmC: Devil May Cry love since most people want to forget about that game for silly reasons but I thought that game was excellent even if it was a bit on the easy side (didn't die once during my Normal playthrough).

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Seen the tweets about it from the rest of the Giant Bomb guys just as the news hit! I think everyone is just in a state of shock! He will be solely missed by a whole ton of people and the Giant Bomb site will be missing a certain Je ne sais quoi without his personality on board! RIP Ryan Davis!

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I am a big fan of the God of War series ever since playing the first one back in July 2005 but even I have had my fill of the series at this point. What is there to do with the story because we kind of know already from flashbacks and extra scenes the story in this game supposedly if the narration has anything to go by.

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Good description of your experience with Skyrim Patrick. I've been looking forward to this ever since it was officially announced last year and it has been my most anticipated game of the year since then.

Will be playing a lot of it for sure since I have booked the week off work solely to play this gem. The fact is I put 150+ hours into Oblvion and to this day it is still my favourite current-gen game shows that Bethesda knows how to get me gripped.

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I find the GOTY bombcasts to be the most interesting to listen to of the whole year.  I enjoyed 2008's one where they went back and forth on GTA IV nad MGS 4 for nearly 2 hours and last year was just as great with them deliberating on winners for the platforms etc.  I like hearing their opinions on certain games and their experiences with them and how they decided what the winner is at the end of the day.  Its a lot more entertaining this way than other sites that just flog out a standard video stating why they picked this, which is like a couple of minutes long and here we get 1-2 hours worth each day of deliberation.  It is great.
Besides not all of them is going to have the time to play most of the big hitters and that throughout the year since they aren't a huge company that has the manpower now.  Its fine the way it is and pretty much agree with what some people have said already on the situation.