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Nostalgia is a part of why my No 1 choice is also your No 1 choice since ALTTP is my favourite game of all time. But it made me love Zelda again since I did not enjoy Skyward Sword for the time I spent with it. I didn't finish Skyward Sword since I got bored of it after the 3rd dungeon for several reasons like bland world to explore, constant hand-holding etc.

And nice to see some DmC: Devil May Cry love since most people want to forget about that game for silly reasons but I thought that game was excellent even if it was a bit on the easy side (didn't die once during my Normal playthrough).

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Seen the tweets about it from the rest of the Giant Bomb guys just as the news hit! I think everyone is just in a state of shock! He will be solely missed by a whole ton of people and the Giant Bomb site will be missing a certain Je ne sais quoi without his personality on board! RIP Ryan Davis!

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I am a big fan of the God of War series ever since playing the first one back in July 2005 but even I have had my fill of the series at this point. What is there to do with the story because we kind of know already from flashbacks and extra scenes the story in this game supposedly if the narration has anything to go by.

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Good description of your experience with Skyrim Patrick. I've been looking forward to this ever since it was officially announced last year and it has been my most anticipated game of the year since then.

Will be playing a lot of it for sure since I have booked the week off work solely to play this gem. The fact is I put 150+ hours into Oblvion and to this day it is still my favourite current-gen game shows that Bethesda knows how to get me gripped.

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I find the GOTY bombcasts to be the most interesting to listen to of the whole year.  I enjoyed 2008's one where they went back and forth on GTA IV nad MGS 4 for nearly 2 hours and last year was just as great with them deliberating on winners for the platforms etc.  I like hearing their opinions on certain games and their experiences with them and how they decided what the winner is at the end of the day.  Its a lot more entertaining this way than other sites that just flog out a standard video stating why they picked this, which is like a couple of minutes long and here we get 1-2 hours worth each day of deliberation.  It is great.
Besides not all of them is going to have the time to play most of the big hitters and that throughout the year since they aren't a huge company that has the manpower now.  Its fine the way it is and pretty much agree with what some people have said already on the situation.

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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone remembers what the games were that Ryan mentioned in the bombcast last week after PAX 2010.  I could go and listen to it again but forget where it actually was but I am sure some of you guys would recall what the indie games he talks aout since by the sound of a few of them, I wouldn't mind trying them out.  Thanks!

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Hey guys, this is not really GB-related per se but I managed to make it to 100 subs on Youtube and going to be doing a Q & A video for the occasion so if any of you guys like to ask me a bunch of questions, feel free to leave the questions in the comments below or PM them to me if you wish. Thank you!

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Here are my thoughts on the three main conferences of E3 2010.  I didn't mention the EA and Ubisoft conferences but I watched them both live and thought they were pretty decent with a few games that stood out.  Dead Space 2 looks great and is more of the same, which is not bad thing since I loved the first one.  Ghost Recon: Future Soldier looks quite good and has piqued my interest now. Rayman Origins looks gorgeous and that was probably the game from both conferences that I cannot wait to see more of.  Crysis 2 looks stunning but you expected no less.  
So with that out of the way, here are my reviews on each main conference.  Each part represents a conference so enjoy.

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Just a short video going through what I expect to come out of the main press conferences at E3.  Enjoy!


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@MrKlorox: You do know that game was for the Sega Saturn and not the Dreamcast right?!  
I will get Crazy Taxi since I really enjoyed the game back in the day, Sonic Adventure I will not get since I already have it but then again that hasn't stopped me from having several versions of the first Sonic games.  Shenmues I and II would be great but would probably prefer to play them on the PC.