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From previous gens I have shiny zubat, numel, wurmple, ponyta and of course the "red gyrados". From X, I have a shiny lickitung and weepinbell.

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Hall of Fame team:

"Frogger" - Greninja - Lvl. 76

"Quacklin'" - Farfetch'd - Lvl. 93

"Flamemonkey" - Simisear - Lvl. 79

"Leafmonkey" - Simisage - Lvl. 75

"Smash" - Lucario - Lvl. 77

"G.Lightning" - Raichu - Lvl.75

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Trainer Name: Link VII

Pokemon X

FC: 3909-8805-5639

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Trainer Name: Link VII

Pokemon X

FC: 3909-8805-5639

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I usually always go with the grass type as most of the grass starters have always visually appealed to me, and I always pick my starters based on looks and some what on how well they'll do in the early parts of the games, and the grass ones usually are safe for that. The only time I went with anything other than a grass type was in Gold/Silver and the remakes where I went with Totodile because alligators are awesome. That said, this will be the second time that I pick a water starter as I'm going with Froakie as I have yet to have any interest in any fire starters, and that grass thing just sucks imho.

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I don't have X/Y yet, but do plan on getting it hopefully sooner than later, but might be late to the party anyway since I don't really like paying full price for brand new games too much anyway. Back on topic though, I'll be 36 this month and played Blue when I was in my freshman year of college when I borrowed the game from my younger brother b/c I just had to try it and see what the huge fuss about it was that made the then new game at the time so damn popular and I loved every minute of it! After that I've never failed to get at least one of the versions of ever sequel since then. I never did get into any of the anime or card games or any of that stuff, although I did try the card game with my brother and watched a couple of the toons with him, it's just that has always been the kiddie stuff to me and not worth my time, but the games with all of their deep strategy and all are very appealing to me and I how old I am, they're fun to play and I'll always play them.

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Yes, I always name my pokemon and it always varies in what I name them. Sometimes I'll name them after some of my favorite characters, and other times I'll name them like Digimon, and other times I'll just name them whatever their actual names are but backwards. So for example Pikachu becomes Uhcakip. I'm just totally random with it.

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I used to just get whatever version that my brother wasn't getting, but since he doesn't own a 3DS this is the first Pokemon game where I need to just make a decision by myself on which version to get. I originally wanted Y because Yvetal is more appealing, but after some research X seems like the overall better version with more exclusive pokemon that I'd rather get in game so that's probably the version that I'll be getting eventually.

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I still have this CD & I still listen to it every so often, it's really cool!

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No pulp thanks.