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Dave Lang. What a sweetheart.

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To me, I'd say gaming is in a good place. Especially for buying the games if you're not the type who needs to buy everything when it's new. I still remember paying like $80 for some carts on snes/genesis and such. The amount of games I've got from things like Humble Bundle, steam, xbox live sales, playstation plus is out of hand really. I have too much to play, not enough time.

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I look forward to buying whatever shirt you replace this with. I only bought it to support Ryan's bride, with the shirt just being a bonus. Honestly, a better shirt honouring him would be appreciated, maybe with that olly moss drawing.

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@shevar: Similar thing for me. I've been following the gb crew since I was in grade 8. I'm 29 years old now. GB is my favourite site on the entire interwebs and that is 100% because of the great personalities on the site.

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The last time I cried was when my grandma passed away. This makes me wanna curl in a dark corner and cry for awhile. But I won't. Ryan was too fucking amazingly awesome and upbeat to do such a thing. If I only got to see the man through his work, I can't fucking fathom how those who knew him personally must be feeling.

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Wow. It takes a lot to get any kind of emotional response from me. This shit hurts. Can't fucking believe it. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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  • Man of Steel: $50.5 million
  • Monsters University: $73.2 million
  • World War Z: $54.8 million
  • Total: $178.5 million
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@seanfoster: That'd be a nice one. With that purdy art and such it could benefit from a nice boost in resolution.

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Just playing Darksider 1 right now. Gonna get 2 after that. I really hope this new team gets to finish out the series with 3 & 4.