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Just used the info in this thread to add the premium feed in overcast. The feed seems to show up, loads in the album art and all, but it lists it under the played pocasts section and doesn't show any old episodes or anything. Will it start showing episodes once some new ones show up?

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Dave Lang. What a sweetheart.

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To me, I'd say gaming is in a good place. Especially for buying the games if you're not the type who needs to buy everything when it's new. I still remember paying like $80 for some carts on snes/genesis and such. The amount of games I've got from things like Humble Bundle, steam, xbox live sales, playstation plus is out of hand really. I have too much to play, not enough time.

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I look forward to buying whatever shirt you replace this with. I only bought it to support Ryan's bride, with the shirt just being a bonus. Honestly, a better shirt honouring him would be appreciated, maybe with that olly moss drawing.

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@shevar: Similar thing for me. I've been following the gb crew since I was in grade 8. I'm 29 years old now. GB is my favourite site on the entire interwebs and that is 100% because of the great personalities on the site.

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The last time I cried was when my grandma passed away. This makes me wanna curl in a dark corner and cry for awhile. But I won't. Ryan was too fucking amazingly awesome and upbeat to do such a thing. If I only got to see the man through his work, I can't fucking fathom how those who knew him personally must be feeling.

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Wow. It takes a lot to get any kind of emotional response from me. This shit hurts. Can't fucking believe it. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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  • Man of Steel: $50.5 million
  • Monsters University: $73.2 million
  • World War Z: $54.8 million
  • Total: $178.5 million
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@seanfoster: That'd be a nice one. With that purdy art and such it could benefit from a nice boost in resolution.

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