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Eric Chang, the artist from AGD, needs to be changed to Eriq Chang - http://www.eriqchangstudio.com/

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The pages Magnus and Magnus are exact duplicates, with the same image and everything. Could we have this consolidated?

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Tobias Mollstam is currently utilizing a grouped company photograph. There's a portrait photograph here, so I think that would be a lot more appropriate in this situation.

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Larry Wachowski now needs to be changed to "Lana Wachowski", due to this individual having a sex change. "Larry Wachowski" should remain as an alias, however.

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@Gamer_152: That's not the rationale, though. His alias is "Kunkka", which IceFrog based the character off of. What's the issue with that?

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Steve Feak - Guinsoo

Explanation: Feak is predominantly known by this name, ever since he created DotA: Allstars.

Kendrick Lim - Kunkka

Explanation: The character called Kunkka was created as an homage to the work Lim did on DotA and now, Dota 2.

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Alias: Trillek

The reasoning behind this is that the written form of 0x10c may be interpreted as "Trillek", which Notch has endorsed.

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Tobi Dawson should be renamed "Toby Dawson". I mistook it, as I was thinking of his nickname "TobiWanKenobi" at the time.

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