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Any staff or mods wanna help me complete the 1984 quest? Help a duder out.

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I too thought the price wasn't too bad. Long live the PSV!!

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I totally wish I had Sunday Ticket today.  RedZone channel is nice but I want to watch my Steelers.

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Watched the President's press conference today.  Kinda tired of the Washington game of we will/they won't but I thought he did pretty well.  It's gonna be a tough election.   The Metroid, Other M review was a lot less frustrating.  Gonna check out Avatar in 3D today with my wife, she hasn't seen it yet.  Then off to a nice dinner out and hopefully more gaming tonight.  Back to the Fruit company tomorrow for another exciting day.

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I love the sites and will always pay for great content.  Anyone else show the Whiskey guys some love today??

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Hi all wanted to let you know I'm here and my big word for the day is vaginosis.  You should try not to get that, ok.

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Spent a lot of time updating my GiantBomb and Comic Vine site.  Watching the Vikings/Saints game and hopefully winning a couple of NHL 11 games, if you're on PSN add DarthFoo and prepare to lose.