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So the South Australian election happened, and wonder of wonders, the Attorney General Michael Atkinson stepped down. All good to hear, yet this doesn't seem to make much progress in the whole getting an R18+ rating issue that Atkinson made himself a staunch opponent of. So until some progress happens, I guess there are people who still need to protest...

Look, I support the R18+ rating and what not. It may take ages before it actually happens, but I do believe that it should happen. I'm not alone in this belief, and it's great to see people actually protesting it in various cities around the country. That being said though, there's a fine line between protesting and challenging what the government has ruled, and just being incredibly fucking stupid and not only completing missing the point of protesting, but also doing harm to the cause as well.

Case in point: The Epic Zombie Marchmarch

Now, this isn't a new thing - flashmobs of Zombies walking the streets in Sydney are kinda common (YouTube's proved that). Usually, it's just for shits and giggles - people doing it to freak out other people. No real moral cause or belief funding it, it's just for the lulz. I can get behind that, but when you're dealing in a political matter, I can't get behind it. Not at all.

The group behind this, Aus Gamers United, mention this little bit on their Facebook group about who they are and why they're for the R18+ rating :

Right now, there is no R18+ rating for digital media in Australia, whatsoever. And anything that would otherwise qualify for such a rating is refused classification and denied release in this fine country of ours.

That isn't exactly true. There have been plenty of games that should be considered R-rated but have passed through as MA15+. But that's more semnatic than anything else. This is a gross violation of civil liberties as adults, that we are refused a Mature rating for what is Mature content.

Now this sentence I have a problem with. And it's one word that falls against it. Take a wild guess what it is.

Thats right - adults.

They're perfectly right though. As an adult, I should be allowed to peruse what I want and not have it censored of refused classification thanks to rulings from the government that are archaic and are being held back due to a politician that himself isn't an idol of moral perfection. That's perfectly true. Yet as adults - the same people whom want this to happen, you believe that the only way of getting your point across is to dress up as zombies?

I'm sorry. But as an adult, I don't see how dressing up as a zombie gets the point across that our civil liberties are being violated.

Nevermind the fact that the whole zombie trend has long stopped being popular and now becoming increasingly annoying whenever it gets shown in media, but do these people not worry about people taking you seriously? They don't mind that people are going to see these gamers as freaks and potentially hold onto the view that all gamers care about are violence and just want an R18+ rating for more violence?

"But Jamie!" I hear you ask, "these people don't want to be boring and serious like the politicians they fervently despise - they want to protest their beliefs in a fun, colourful manner!" And that's perfectly fine, if there wasn't a political agenda behind this. I'm all for people trolling other people in real life, but when you're doing this to achieve a point, a serious one at that matter, I can't just believe that someone thought that this is actually a good idea.

Do you remember that similar rally that happened last year? Y'know, the one where retailer GameTraders were supporting people protesting by cosplaying? Oh, wait - that's right. It didn't happen! GameTraders had enough sense to realize that the point wouldn't be taken seriously when people would be dressing up as various video game characters. And it's amazing why the 1,000+ people taking part in this event don't realize it.

Honestly, if you're taking part in this rally - I'm not going to stop you. But consider this. You're potentially doing more damage to the issue and embarassment to the people who want to support this issue in a normal manner.