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Well Animated 0

Shank is an arcade beat em' up fighting game that really makes a great impression at first but then fails to keep players interested half way through. First let me start with the things I really like about Shank; one, it is a fast paced beat em' up game that follows the fomula for that genre right; second, it is very well animated and stylized, so stylized to the point that it can be on par with a Robert Rodriguez or Tarantino grind house feature. Those are the good things, the bad things are th...

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Ringo is the coolest cat 0

 The Beatles: Rock Band or Rock Band: The Beatles is a perfect music game. The reason it is perfect is because the music, graphics and attention to details in the game makes the complete game package something to adore and love, as much as a real Beatles souvenir.  The only fault and it isn’t a big one is the amount of tracks you get on the disc, you don’t get anymore than 40 tracks, but remember DLC is coming and with each track, you either get a dreamscape effect, which is a visual representat...

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Dirty and Muddy...but Good 0

 The problem with DiRT 2 isn’t the great racing and visuals, but I felt a little cheated because this was basically DiRT with new tracks and some new cars. It almost exactly looked like DiRT and played like DiRT. As of now, especially with Forza 3, Gran Turismo 5, and Need for Speed: Shift setting new standards in racing, DiRT 2 feels dated and too much like an old arcade racer. ...

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Too Fat to Drop 0

 It just wasn’t as powerful or groundbreaking as previous Halo titles. Halo Wars was a solid but flawed RTS on console, Halo 3 was a great return of Masterchief, Halo 2 showed the world that online play was just as good on consoles as it was on PC and Halo was the reason for the existence of the modern console FPS. The characters were forgettable, the graphics were reused assets of Halo 3 and the game length was too short. The only really great thing about Halo 3: ODST was the fact that you got ...

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A New Age of Metal! 0

 It is the age of metal ladies and gentleman! Brutal Legend is here and it makes a fine addition to this Fall’s epic game lineup. Head-splitting metal music, funny witty dialogue, and fantastic creative landscaping makes Brutal Legend not just fun to play, but fun to look at and enjoy as a complete package. Let’s start with story and characters; Brutal Legend has a great story and fantastic characters. Eddie Riggs voiced by Jack Black is phenomenal; Killmaster voiced by Lemmy,  Doviculus voiced ...

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Halo to you Halo Wars! 0

Halo Wars is not Halo! Just kidding, it's Halo expanded universe with a touch of simplicity. What is Halo Wars? as you have probably read elsewhere, Halo Wars is a Real-Time-Strategy game or RTS as it is known in the business and plays on the lore and expanded universe of the Halo FPS games released on the Xbox and Xbox 360. So, is it fair to compare Halo Wars to Halo 1, 2 and 3- no. Why? because they are different kind of games and only share the style and look, that is all. Halo Wars controls ...

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Chris and Sheva sittin' in a tree... 0

Just finishing up Resident Evil 5, I have two things on my mind, one; I loved the game and story, I thought it holds as well as any Resident Evil game and second; the graphics are just simply amazing! I haven't played a game to date, including Killzone 2 that pays so much attention to detail and atmosphere. The low clouds that wisp on the rooftops of the Kijuju village region and the slick oil spills of the marshlands show how much the developers love Resident Evil and how serious they take the ...

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Let go of my Peggle! 0

As bad as my title is for this review, the game Peggle itself makes up for it as it is one of the best puzzle games I've played to date. The greatness beyond Peggle isn't  the wacky characters of beautiful hi-def graphics, it's the simplicity and positive reinforcement that comes from shooting a ball and watching balls (pegs?) explode and a score  that keeps multiplying. For $10 or 800 space points, it is a great buy as time will pass you by and leave you hungry for more Peggle. What else can yo...

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Scare Tatics 0

I've only played three Silent Hill games ever and let me tell you, this one is the most tense and dramatic of the series. Of course, it's not as memorable as Silent Hill 2 or 3, but with the current-gen graphical power, you can really add tense moments that just weren't possible before.  For example, fog; the fog in the previous Silent Hills were basically barriers that guided you linearly through the town and buildings, but in Homecoming, it sets a mood; a tense, dead, terrifying mood that real...

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My Magical Moment 0

So I’ve been playing Rock Band for about three weeks now and I must say I love it. My brother and my cousin play it every chance we get and since it’s been rainy and cold in California, we’ve been in doors alot. I usually love to sing or play bass, my brother ONLY knows drums and my cousins loves the guitar, makes sense because she plays real guitar for her school band. It’s been a blast, there are moments while playing that I feel so good and go out of control. Magical moments I call them, so ’...

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Dude! I got Super Smashed Last Night. 0

Okay okay, I can admit that I am addicted to Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii. I played for about six hours straight yesterday trying my hardest to unlock Sonic the Hedgehog…no luck though. It’s okay, I can just play The Subspace Emissary portion of the game which plays like a side scroller with appearance from all the characters in Brawl, and unlock all the characters in the game that way. I actually haven’t tried out all of the playable characters yet because I kind of just stuck to...

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Driving Perfection...Almost 0

So I picked up GT 5: Prologue after a long wait and finally popped it in my dusty PS3 and I was completely blown away. I am a huge fan of racing games, especially realistic driving or driving sims and my favorite being Forza, but I must say that GT 5: Prologue is absolutely amazing in both racing experience and in graphics. To call the visuals in the game graphics will seem weird because they are photo-realistic, like the real darn thing! So after about an hour of saying to myself, ” wow look at...

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What a Disappointment 1

I was so excited to play Haze before it came out, but it felt so last gen and graphically, it was terrible. The game's concept is that Nector is a drug used for combat, but at the same time, it is turning soldiers into mindless killers. The concept sounds interesting, but once you hear the very laughable dialog, you start to wonder, "were they serious?" The gameplay also makes you wonder if they were serious because the guns all feel the same and they all kind of look the same, and worse of all,...

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