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We just had a thorough discussion on @imsh_pl blog about this very thing. And in a very civil, thoughtful manner (including many comments). The key point being that it's a game representing Polish culture. Really, read it to see the perspective of someone from over there. I was born there and spent many years there before moving to America, as well.

And whether its intentional or not, when those fans say “Why should they include a person of color?” it ends up sounding a lot like “I’m glad they didn’t include people of color. It was right of them not to. The game would be ruined otherwise.”

I'm sorry, but that is quite a leap to make. It makes me feel like any counterargument will be nullified immediately. You preface it with "intentional or not," but it also makes anyone with a different perspective not want to engage in a discussion.

You yourself personalized your comment and made it clear that what you were saying wasn't a fact but simply how you feel. Maybe Mr. Walker could have done the same thing by adding "to me" a few times. That said, to me, it goes without saying that everything he says in a blog post is his opinion.

@austin_walker said:

And whether its intentional or not, when those fans say “Why should they include a person of color?” to me it ends up sounding a lot like “I’m glad they didn’t include people of color. It was right of them not to. The game would be ruined otherwise.”


To me It all feels like a desire for “the good old days,” where things–race, countries, games–were simpler. But there were no good old days. There were just days before we knew better.

If someone has said "why should they include a person of color?" and did not mean it to come across the way Walker interpreted it, then they can explain what the phrase means to them in the comments. Then everyone gains a better understanding at where other people are coming from and we all grow a tiny bit more as people. I get the feeling that some people are reading his blog post in a confrontational tone but it doesn't have to be like that.

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I am surprised you enjoyed this, you usually seem to hate the fun Resident Evil games. I wish they would port it over to the Vita, the controls for this would always hurt my hands if I tried to play for an extended period of time. Did you play it on an XL or a vanilla 3DS?

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@marcsman said:

Scarlet Johansson is already perfect. I don't understand that movie.

Yup. Anyone who says otherwise will get a punch in the mouth by me. Also I actually thought the movie was a sequel to Limitless when I was first watching the trailer. It seems to be building on the same premise.

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I'm actually looking forward to this Hercules movie. I get a Scorpion King vibe from it which, despite it's flaws, I enjoyed. This is due primarily to the fact that The Rock is just such a likable guy. I enjoy it when he plays an over the top good guy just so I can root for him while he lays waste to some bad guys.

I do for some reason really like The Rock he brings some bite to otherwise worthless films. The trailers do not seem overly promising but if I hear enough positives ill give it a whirl.

Say what you will about The Rock, but the man oozes charisma. He has that "it" factor that makes him the best part of a lot of bad movies.

He seems like he really enjoys what he does unlike Bruce Willis who seems completely bored and miserable in everything he has been in lately.

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Cool to see them finally hire some new people. Welcome to nest Dan and Jason!

I'm just glad it isn't any of you people!

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Awesome video, I love the coverage you guys have been doing. Both the editing and the actual content are miles ahead of any other site.

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@anwar said:

What about that live-action Halo TV show that they talked about last year? Did any of this happen or did they forget about it?

Wasn't that the thing they talked about bundling with the Halo collection?

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@gutterkisser said:

Christ some people are precious, the music works well. Gives it more identity than if they'd gone for a more cinematic/dramatic score. Though if you're arguing a better hiphop track could have been chosen I'll listen.

As far as whether this could represent gameplay, I'd say there's more lighting techniques going on than we'd see in-engine, but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

I'm with you. Didn't expect I would see so many idiots dismissing entire genres on Giant Bomb.

Oh, people getting all defensive about people not liking the music. I bet if they threw in a country song or something most of the people defending this poor choice of music would be doing the same thing - "dismissing an entire genre."

The reason it's a bad choice is because it's not MK, not even a little bit. It's like throwing a Zelda trailer out there with a Ice Cube song.The music and the game might be fine separately, but they make no sense together.

If they are going to throw this track out there on an "inspired by" album like they did with that dubstep album for MK9, fine, that was kind of a funny novelty to have. But for a first look at an anticipated game, it's a weak choice.

Well that is not a false equivalence at all.

@polyesterpimp said:

interesting choice of music...

This is way worse than what they had.