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5/5 for me. Favorite MCU movie so far. The Quicksilver and Hawkeye banter was great throughout and the Avengers being shitheads to War Machine and his tank story was great. So was the running gag with Cap and bad words.

Then again my favorite MCU movie before this was Iron Man 3 so maybe I am in the minority.

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Boxing would be ok if they stopped referring to it as fighting, stopped pretending their ridiculously specific skillset would count for much in a IRL fighting situation, stopped flirting with each other for months before the match and if I never had to hear about it at all. It's possibly the only sport worse than F1.

Are you saying a professional boxer would have no advantage against some random Joe in a street fight? Maybe not in a gun fight but in a straight up street brawl a boxer (or any martial artist) would clearly have the advantage.

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Anyway I am personally rooting for Pac-Man. Mayweather needs to be taken down a peg or two.

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If you need to take money from someone, are you going to take it from the people with very little of those that have more than enough? Robert Reich's documentary "Inequality for All" gives the example of the wealthy guy with so much money he doesn't know what to do with it. Why not give some of it back to the people in the form of taxes?

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Remember when getting 'rich' was a goal for people? For most people, getting 'rich' is a result of hard work. We, at times, like to focus on those who come in to money but, most of the time, millionaires and billionaires worked for that money. Bill Gates is a smart man who developed a concept and cultivated a company without coming from a rich family (though they were upper middle class he wasn't born with a silver spoon). So, when I look at rich people I see people who deserve all of the money they have. Not that 'poor' people don't deserve money either. Before going to graduate school, I worked in retail while I was going through my undergraduate program. I met a lot of great, hard working people who will never reach that 'rich' status. I would argue that they work just as hard as a person like Bill Gates. But Bill Gates, and most rich people, ultimately do deserve whatever they make.

So why should we punish these people? Why is the average person deserving of the money a rich person has earned? As a student, I'm not rich. I'm below poor. I don't make money at all. But, I don't feel that I'm deserving of the money that someone else has made. Likewise, I don't believe that our government is deserving of the money that a rich person has earned. The government is like a family, they have a set income and specific monetary responsibilities. Like a family, government shouldn't spend their income until the monetary responsibilities are met. The budget deficit means that they didn't do this. So why should those monetary responsibility now fall on the 'rich'?

I think that if a person succeeds in life, they shouldn't be punished because others haven't succeeded to that level. Most of us work hard and earn every cent that we make. However, life is such a way that there will always be some people who make more money then other people. That's just the way life is. The people who are satisfied in their lives are the ones who look at success and happiness beyond income. I know that's an easy statement to make when I don't have a family and make 20K a year. But, there truly is more to life then what is in your bank account. I think that the average person should look to improve their own lives rather then counting the money of those they are jealous of.

Oh God what is this? Just out of curiosity, do you still think this way?

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I don't like the idea of someone determining that a person has earned to much or to little for what they have done or not done. Granted I'm not an economist but that doesn't mean my opinion isn't valid. It just all sounds like the average person counting other people's money. It feels inappropriate and classless. I guess I'm of the mindset that if a person doesn't like they money they make they should do something about it and not complain when other people are successful. As for the government's sake, I think there are other options we can utilize. Spend less, spend wiser, utilize the revenue from the taxes we do get in smarter ways. I don't think Robin Hood economics is a the correct way to go about fixing our financial problems. What happens after we've stolen all this money and have to stand on our own again? Do we just spend outrageously again and then steal, err I mean tax, more money from successful people? Can't our government be self-sufficient and just use the taxes they've always received? But, then again, I'm not an economist.

This assumes that everyone is more or less on an even playing field. This is not even close to being true.

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I could not disagree more. Django is his best film yet with Reservoir Dogs a close second. That Candyland shootout was even better than the Crazy 88 fight in Kill Bill.

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Im just going to wait for the Komplete edition, should be ut for Christmas

Me too. Injustice came out in April and by November the complete edition was out with all the DLC for less than $40.

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It's probably too much for any given reviewer to really get into the game (they probably don't have the time), but how valuable is a review when it can't give people the information they really want? I feel that the Souls series is a known thing and any general review is essentially going to read like, "Yeah, it's a successor to the Souls series." Are they even going to be able to explore the online mechanics and the Chalice Dungeon?

This sounds remarkably similar to that one poop quote.

You don't need to know all the most intimate and subtle details of a game to tell whether it is good or not, just like you don't need to eat a persons shit to say you care about them. Most people don't give two shits about the in depth mechanics of a game, they just want to know if it is fun or not. The people who are scary obsessed with these games have already paid for the game in full and will be playing it day one regardless. Reviews should neither cater to these people nor should these people care about the reviews.

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@somberowl said:
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • ...

That game will be out around this Christmas even if it's not finished. There's no way they're going to lose out on the push the movie will give it.

That's what I would have thought before, but since they delayed Hardline to not make the same mistakes they did with Battlefield 4 I don't think they'll want to rush this game even if it means missing out on cross promotion with the movie. Plus they have Hardline coming this year, so two big shooters in the same year might not be logical. And even EA must know the importance of not fucking this game up. Also they had nothing to show but concept art last year. Unless they show an almost complete game at E3 this year, I'd put my money on delay.

They will cut out unfinished features before they delay it. Episode 7 is going to be huge. Having a game out to coincide with it is too big an opportunity for any company to pass up. I would be incredibly surprised if it doesn't come out this year.

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Any chance the GLHB shirt will come back? Please?

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But Resident Evil 6 was fucking amazing. You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Now how the fuck am I supposed to know if I should trust your fucking opinion? Anyway, I was interested in playing the fucking game locally with another fucking person. Did you get the fucking chance to try out the fucking coop? Maybe that is the fucking secret to making this fucking game super fucking rad.

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That and the pictures are huge. Scaling, brother.

Don't listen to this guy. Big pictures are better. Having to click on a little picture to make it bigger sucks because it opens up that horrible glitchy pop-up.

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New 3DS and the DSi are/were way worse.