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"I wish I could go into bars that are showing the World Cup game and just deport everyone." - Dan Ryckert

Yea, what an awesome standup guy.

As a hispanic also living in California who enjoyed watching the World Cup (sometimes even in bars) I found that unbelievably offensive and it kinda irks me seeing all the praise this guy has been getting. :/

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@hailinel: Also a selectable name, selectable face model, hair and height, and can be melee focused instead of magic focused but they seem to have ignored that part.

They didn't ignore it for Villager, I doubt they will for Robin.

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@jjor64 said:

Speaking of new characters we should know all the Characters by the end of September since that is when Smash 3DS is out in Japan. Still hoping for Shriek.

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I would never trust anything with "MLG" in its name.

I would never trust anything said by a guy that goes by "MariachiMacabre". I say you buy it duder.

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@hailinel said:

Toon Link isn't a clone of Link. They have different movesets and abilities. A clone character is something like Falco is to Fox, whose moves in previous games had no real difference. I'd wager that Lucina's moves differentiate her from Marth and she's more than just a female version of his move set.

I haven't actually been paying close attention to Toon Link. Is it more than just speed, height and different colored bombs and arrows this time?

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@hailinel said:

@video_game_king said:

@hailinel said:

Ah, it seems Chrom isn't playable and is just part of a Final Smash.

Really? I was expecting him to be an Ike clone, as a counterpart to his daughter.

They're getting rid of clone characters. The only "clones" that exist now are the alternate gender swaps for characters like Robin and the Wii Fit Trainer.

Lucina seems like a clone of Marth. Also Toon Link.

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I was not expecting any more Fire Emblem characters to appear. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

More like Captain Swagger.
Lady Robin or boy Robin, the choice is yours!
Lucina has a death scare that can make even Luigi shit his pants.

Also it seems like Chrom is just a part of Robin's final smash. I suppose he'll get his chance another day.

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I just noticed it because I follow StarvingGamer, he posted a new blog a week ago, and I just learned about it through the forums. I never got a notification for it. I double checked and I am indeed following him and I have everything checked in my settings.

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@corruptedevil: Something like:

  • Fightstick ~ $200
  • Gate ~ $25
  • Replacement stick ~ $25
  • Buttons + Balltop = $130

So all-told it's probably something like $400 o_O

Holy shit. I spent just over $100 on my stick and even then I felt it was pricey. That said if they ever released some Marvel buttons I probably wouldn't be able to resist.

Anyway your stick looks really damn great.

There's isn't much that makes her special, but I swapped out the stick when the old one went bad and of course traded my square-gate in for an 8-way gate because I'm not a maniac, so in those little ways she's unique to me.

Seriously, why the fuck aren't octo gates the standard?