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God of War again. I love those games.

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@damodar said:

The true Game Of The Year is those clay/plasticine models. Wonderful!

I concur, they are a thing of beauty.

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Jaffe is my favorite person in the industry. I love how authentic he is and how open he is to talking with fans. I used to love reading his blog, it is a shame he doesn't update it anymore :(


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All of the "talking over E3 press conference" videos were really fantastic. I was bummed that they didn't do it with The Game Awards and the PSX.

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Smash and Mario Kart 8.

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@devoureroftime said:

Drawn to Death looks like the same old shit with an art style that is hard to look at and has a premise that is somehow more juvenile, more childish than a game about squidkids jumping around in puddles with supersoakers.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

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Haha that was pretty great. This continues to be a day one buy for me.

@nux said:

Does this mean that David Jaffe likes coming to Giantbomb?

Yup. He could have picked IGN or Neogaf or something but he picked Giant Bomb. Y'all should be honored.

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@pandemic: You should also be spawning with a pistol with six rounds in it. Use the cricket bat to shove (not hit) enemies out of the way and try to create as many 1v1 situations as you can with the cricket bat. If there is more than one enemy near you switch to the pistol and aim for the head, it will always kill. Then switch back to the bat. Don't be afraid to run if you are overwhelmed. Just stick with it and be patient.