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Star Wars Racer Arcade

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@thatonedudenick: Yeah, I just got my replacement back from Sony, and literally 4 days in I can feel it starting to rub off. Only on the left stick too (probably because it's more used. Maybe it's my imagination, but I've only played like four hours of Don't Starve plus menu navigation. Sending in my controller was only eight bucks, but even that kind of sucks.

@egg: Hahahahaha, you got me. Microsoft paid for my sub. I bow to your forum post number.

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Never had a DS4 with a rudder.

You should probably get one.

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@geraltitude: Humidity is an interesting thought. I moved from Colorado to DC, so maybe that's contributing something to it?

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If there's one thing Dan likes, its Freedom.

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Hey man, I'm American and I've always preferred mayo. Hellmann's is like white gold, and that schnizz goes with anything, including fries.

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Tried searching, but was wondering if anyone else has had problems with their DS4's sticks. I've now had two where the rubber has worn through and exposed the plastic underneath. I sent one in for a replacement, and am about to do the same for the second. Is this a new thing, or does it always happen to controllers? I don't remember having any issues with the DS3 or 360 gamepad.

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I liked these guys a lot at GI, their transition makes sense. Can't wait for some more shows with them!

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If only this article's headline was "Here's Why Nintendo's Head Wasn't at E3" and sub "You're Not Going to Believe This." Then Giant Bomb would have made it.

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@andrewb: Yeah, it's hard to measure the tier of ostracization for a group, but transgendered people get it rough. Not just on the internet, but everywhere.

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@darthslughorn: The reason most had a problem with Leigh Alexander wasn't because she was a woman, it was because she acted like a drunk imbecile on the E3 podcast.

Two years in a row, even.

There are drunk males who ruin the E3 talks just as equally. See my previous comments on the matter because I don't want to make it a personal thing. Just wanted to throw it out there that gender has nothing to do with what condition makes for a detriment to a live conversation. I'd also throw it out there that I'm usually a quiet person, but I think I'd also make for an obnoxious drunk on a video or podcast.

That's true, but there's also something to be said about being responsible enough that, as a guest, you aren't getting completely hammered in a venue where getting completely hammered isn't going to be appreciated.

I think it's really shitty that Dave Lang gets a total pass for being wasted on the GDC lifestream but Leigh Alexander has gotten shit for years about her Bombcast appearance. She apologised, I don't see why people can't move on.

Since I was the one that brought this up, I'll say that Drunk Dave Lang and his buddy Smashed John Vignocchi are bad guests. Lang was obviously embarrassed, and stepped up his behavior. Did he deserve a second chance? Probably. Does Alexander? Probably. But you're right in that she gets more shit. But we should solve that by giving other people more shit for being shitty.