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The price of phones is too damn high. Whoever runs under that slogan will win all the elections.

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Tthe Empire Strikes Back is one of my top movies of all time. All that EU stuff was pretty lame and I'm glad they canned it. The prequels are unwatchable; the people that think they are good either have not seen them recently or are hipsters ("Are you an angel?" Barf). Getting that series out of Lucas's hands was a good move for everyone.

PSA: There exist HD versions of the original trilogy on the Internet without the specia edition bullshit. They are called Star Wars Despecilaized by somebody named Harmy, and they are fucking fantastic. It is so awesome to have versions of those movies that aren't cringeworthy.

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This may not be relevant because I'm in the U.S., but my stocks fell apart too. I think this is a known issue to Sony. I sent mine in through their tech support/service system and they sent me back a new one. All it cost was shipping.

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I'm not sure if any of the ones mentioned will create that "oh I know his person" reaction from your classmates. But maybe I'm wrong; good luck with your presentation!

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Counter Strike AUG is awesome. That Cerberus rifle in ME3 mentioned earlier is pretty rad. I wish this list had more arena shooter rifles, but I guess those games are always about the rocket launcher.

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@ssully: These are good points, maybe a bit too far to call me out as potentially "uncomfortable/upset/challenged." "Good" works may need to challenge our beliefs, but I actually had the opposite reaction to the characters. If the movie was about these people who had abnormal beliefs, then it would have been interesting. Making everybody stupid so Matthew McConaughey can squint and dismiss them, to show he is superior, is not "challenging." I'm not made "uncomfortable." I was wrong to think that people could be so resistant to science; they totally can be. But making them Luddites so the audience and main characters feel comfortable looking down at them trivializes that reality.

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This poll is surprisingly one-sided

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@ssully: I wasn't really talking about the movie's message, but I just can't believe that people could be so resistant to science. I know that the teacher and principal were meant to show how messed up the world is, but their dumb crap went way too far. The setting was the issue for me; everybody got way too stupid.

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There's no way the PS4 is powerful enough to actually power this thing right? Will it need to come with an external box?

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Whiplash, 5/5. Really bright me back to high school band in a horrifying way.