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@lim_ak: I think the OP is exactly right about the lack of longetivity for this game at this point. I've put several hours into it at this point, and cannot shake the feeling that I've basically seen what the game has to offer. I've also realized just why it was only 19.99, and not the prize of the standard Paradox title. In truth, I cannot tell you that it is a better game than the 1994 classic, Masters of Magic. Hopefully it will do well enough to see some DLC love in the future. One thing they absolutely need to add is a hall of fame list, but paradox has never included that in their games, and isn't likely to begin now.

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I long ago gave up on steam updates, but its been almost a month since Xbox worked.

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Is it possible that updates are only happening for premium accounts?  It has been over a month since my xbox achievements updated without deleting the account and adding a re-synch, and I'm starting to think they simply aren't going to return.

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Is there still no official announcement about this anywhere? 

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My account hasn't updated since June 29.  I finally removed and re-added (as I have with steam repeatedly), but no luck; its still not tracking.  Has there been an official word on this , or is it some setting I need to change?  Raptr is updating me, so I'm pretty sure I've set everything to public or online that needs to be set.

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It felt more like a pc game to me.  Console players tend to prefer action to tactics, and Gladius was more akin to Heroes of Might and magic or Disciples 2 than it was anything else I've played on a console.  I was disappointed, but hardly surprised that it sold so poorly and has never been ported to the 360. 

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What platform are you playing gladius on?  I've been wanting to play it again for years, but to my knowledge it has never worked on the xbox 360, and my original box is long gone.

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It is about time Paradox stop rehashing the historical period of Europa Universalis and give us a sequel to one of their best games. 

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Reprehensible.  The Fallout series was born on PC, and those of us that play it there should not be punished by DLC that is for xbox only.  I own an xbox 360, but I prefer to play rpg's on my pc, due to the ease of mouse and keyboard control as well as the potential for game-changing mods. 

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Note that YOU have to beat this faction in game by capturing their last city.  Merely being present in a game in which they are destroyed doesn't unlock them!

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