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Oh god no! Not like this. NOT LIKE THIS...

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I think I'm in love


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500Gb hardrive? That seems awful small. Games are only going to get bigger and I'm assuming that the next iterations of PS4 will come with bigger and bigger hdd's. Or maybe we won't be using hdd's in the near future at all with ssd's becoming cheaper.

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Poor Atlus. They deserved a clean death.

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Wow that thing is ugly. It looks like a tablet, but with way less screen space

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@p_p_o_d: Haha, I tip my hat to you sir.

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A portal movie would be the most boring piece of crap, but the story of half life would be perfect for a trashy sci-fi movie.

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Correction : Square did a stupid thing, not an offensive thing. It was the users that made it offensive. Either way, hilarious.

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I don't think this DLC or the Elite Soldier Pack being a downloadable piece of extra content is justified. The elite soldier pack would have been in the works even before the game was finished since it was a pre-order bonus. Why weren't armor aesthetic upgrades, color swapping etc. not included in the vanilla game? There's no reason other than to squeeze out an extra buck out of the consumer. How long until other basic functionality gets taken out of games and then be put out as DLC? You wanna save? That will be $4.99. How long until we start paying full price for demos and then pay a bit more to get the full game? I know this is a bit of an exaggeration but this kind of business strategy is pretty cheap and "sleazebaggy" in my opinion.

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@Tonyyj: That was one of the first things I saw. Glad I'm not the only one.

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