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I am male bi-racial Pacific Islander/white grew up in New Zealand in a heavily Maori neighborhood but currently live in America in a mostly white neighborhood were people seem to assume that I am Hispanic. I can't say I care much about being represented in games but I will say that having more diversity does tend to make game worlds far more interesting.

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Wait, is that that Nero-dude from Twitter who keeps wanting to rape and kill ladies?

Woah is this true? I thought he was just some random troll when I read this article but if this is true I regret giving him any traffic.

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I love Jeff, he's awesome, but the amount of hate Totalbiscuit is getting here bums me out.

Imagine how it feels from here

Hey just wanted to let you know I really appreciate what you've been doing especially after everything you've gone through recently. I can't say I particularly agree with a lot of what GG is but the fact that you seem wiling to sit down and listen to all sides of the argument is really cool.

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This may be considered light spoilers, so I'll block out a couple things.

I'm a warrior. I want to take the Templar Specialization, but Cassandra Won't prompt the conversation to give me the Writing I need, and everything I've looked up says she has it. Anyone know if I'm missing something?

it's in the house next to the stairs close to her on the third floor.

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Yes, there are recipes you can either buy or find. Equipment modification have to be done back at base, and probably the most annoying thing about it, it has to be unequipped.

You can switch through all of your characters in the modification screen to modify their equipped weapons/armor. Still pretty annoying having to cycle through everyone though.

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Today I ran into a bug where one of the characters in a cut scene was invisible and didn't speak, the only way I knew he was even there was people where still talking to him. Sucked because it seemed like a pretty important part for iron bull.

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Can anyone confirm or deny if they manage to carry over the appearance of your Hawke? I always got the impression that the Keep only grabs the image portrait of your Hawke and not necessarily the data that constitutes the makeup of their face.

There's actually a part in the game before you encounter Hawke where you can basically go into a DA2 character creator and fiddle with the appearance as you please. Which I think is pretty neat, considering you could add some extra details to suggest the passage of time.

I had a weird glitch happen to me where if I go to customize him my inquisitors voice changed from the American sounding one to the British sounding one.

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I bought DQviii mostly for the ffxii demo it had packed in but it ended up being one of my favorite games on the ps2. I would buy it just to be able to play it on the ps4.

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I'm not sure what kind of subject were talking about here but if it's a serious one you can go and talk to a therapist, they're usually pretty good at putting things in perspective and you can pretty much guarantee they will hear you out. Talking in person is generally better anyway. I hope you get whatever is happening sorted out since it seems to be causing you no small amount of stress.