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I bought DQviii mostly for the ffxii demo it had packed in but it ended up being one of my favorite games on the ps2. I would buy it just to be able to play it on the ps4.

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I'm not sure what kind of subject were talking about here but if it's a serious one you can go and talk to a therapist, they're usually pretty good at putting things in perspective and you can pretty much guarantee they will hear you out. Talking in person is generally better anyway. I hope you get whatever is happening sorted out since it seems to be causing you no small amount of stress.

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This whole kotaku thing has me really confused. There are some people who are saying that they have no problem with the policy change but they have a problem with giving up ground and that it doesn't matter if a criticism is legitimate because it's been linked to trolls. Apparently everything is absolute either your with them or you might as well be the one harassing these people. I have a lot of sympathy for those being harassed and I know it's not everybody in games media but if the games press don't want to be treated as some kind of hive mind they should extend the same courtesy to the people on the "other side".

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Back to Giantbomb, what some are advocating means that Giantbomb (and others) couldn't do features like "Unfinished" or a bunch of "Lets Play" style content. I don't think Giantbomb staff are up to anything nefarious but the suggestion that they need to disclose every relationship to some game they found is absurd and irrelevant. People find things they consider neat and want to share. Are they violating some "trust" by doing so? It doesn't seem like where to have an ethics violation would require ulterior motives and evidence.

Asking for someone disclose when they've backed from doesn't mean that they have to stop covering things they have backed. It just means they should tell people about it and let them decided if they trust the the person to be impartial. I personally have no problem if someone wants to back whatever but I think the people who care should know.

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I would like it if they could be a little less dismissive of criticism sometimes, it's really kind of jarring how someone can complain about a community being so toxic and then throw around some pretty terrible words of their own. I like how Jim Sterling put it: Inspire rather than belittle. I should say I don't think there's any kind of conspiracy inside the gaming press or anything like that and I understand it can be hard to pick out the reasoned criticisms in a sea of abuse and harassment.

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@president_barackbar: I think the conversation can happen, I just think it begins to happen and someone hijacks the issue. I do resuppose that there is a group of people on the internet who don't care to, or want to, have a deeper conversation. It's why you see people saying "I don't want to be called a 'gamer' anymore", the user base can be so toxic that it's frightening developers and players away.

Yeah there is definitely a bad segment of the gaming community that makes it really hard to discuss these things. I don't like how dismissive some of the gaming press can be of some things but at the same time it must be hard to see legitimate criticisms when your constantly being harassed for every little thing you say or do.

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@d_mac: well you have to admit that some of that "lumping in" is being done by the persons being criticized and their supporters.

Lumping in is being done by both sides really and I imagine it's hard to think rationally when you feel you or your friend is being attacked.

This is precisely the problem, the vitriol and the hate serve to distort the reality for everyone involved, on "both sides". That's why I think these recent discussions about journalistic ethics are so productive. Initially, it may have started with some really hateful stuff (the event that shall not be named), but it's really refreshing to see it actually evolve into something productive, and enacting positive change.

yeah I suppose part of the problem is what I just said there, that there are two sides to this instead of like the 3 or 4 sides there really are.

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@d_mac: well you have to admit that some of that "lumping in" is being done by the persons being criticized and their supporters.

Lumping in is being done by both sides really and I imagine it's hard to think rationally when you feel you or your friend is being attacked.

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I usually assume that journalists are not robots and that their experiences will affect their reviews to an extent. I think that disclosure would unfairly cause some to dismiss what the writer has to say. People are allowed to support stuff that they like.

If a person thinks that someones opinion is influenced by whatever they disclose it's up to them. It's always better to tell people where your coming from and let them be the judge then to just say it's not important.

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I really wish we could have this discussion. Have it be open, honest, and forthcoming. But instead it always seems high-jacked and injected with conspiracy theories, unfounded accusations, and occasionally attacks. Maybe this is all my opinion but it's what a lot of this all seems to be about to me.

Man I couldn't agree more. Every now and then I'll see something that concerns me and I want to say something but I really don't want to join the side screaming about some dark conspiracy running through the gaming press.