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@earthbowl: Yeah pretty much the whole last encounter was a parody

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I know the game doesn't really say if they do, but then again there's a lot of things the game straight up doesn't tell you. Does anyone know if they do or don't? Maybe it says in the strategy guide or something?

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My problem with the parrying isn't so much the mechanic itself as much as it is the camera. So many times I've pressed the left stick in the direction of an attacking enemy only for the camera to randomly swing around for no reason and mess me up. I personally prefer the dodge move, because at least the camera can't mess that up.

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@yummylee: When he starts regenerating his health, go behind him and enter blade mode and when you hit the spot it shows he'll stop regenerating and be open to attack for like a whole 30 seconds or so

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I enjoyed all the boss battles (except Monsoon, since it just relies so much on an unresponsive parry system) but I think I like the final battle most just for it's sheer craziness

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Moby Dick Studios is a fake studio guys. The founder's name is an anagram for Kojima, and the last name has OGRE, as in Project Ogre. You can clearly see Volgin, Psycho Mantis/the Sorrow, and the Boss' horse in the trailer, and the soldiers have the same gear as the ones in Ground Zeroes. Not to mention the fact that...come on, that character is so clearly Big Boss it's not even funny. I mean, Metal Gear Solid V is in the freaking title! It fits in the lines and spaces in the title screen. My theory is that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are both MGS5, but when Kojima said Ground Zeroes was the prologue to MGS5, he actually meant it was the prologue LEVEL, like the tanker in MGS2 or the Virtuous Mission in MGS3.

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@Sunjammer: I thought the exact same thing on my first playthrough with low chaos. Trust me, the high chaos final mission is WAYYYY more satisfying.

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What do you mean there's no mission select? It's right there in the main menu under "Missions". And yeah there are 3 endings, 1 good, 1 bad, and one that's the worst, but most people probably aren't going to get that one.

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At first I didn't think so, but the world doesn't really expand and start getting interesting until around half way through