In-between games

I finished Portal 2 single player. I even went back and got all the single player achievements. Now I'm just waiting on my co-op partner so I can finish that story. I didn't go back and pick up any of the other games I'm halfway through. I just kind of grazed across my game pile of games that you can't really finish. Torchlight endless dungeon, Fifa 11 and a lot of Rock Band 3. 

I did have people over on Saturday and one of my friends brought over Truth or Lies. It's a lie detector game and it's bad. We all got a big laugh out of it, mostly for the horrible nature of the game. I soon found out it's an achievement goldmine though. That night we played one short game with 6 people and a few rounds of hot seat and I had over 600 points. With just playing a little bit the next day I was able to farm out all 1000 points pretty quickly. If you need some points for a contest and you see this one in a bargin bin be sure to pick it up.

So long gamefly

I canceled gamefly again today. On this latest stint I've had it for 11 months. I still really want to get through my backlog of games and gamefly was just preventing me from doing that. It wasn't exactly giving me all these great games I saved money by not buying and I would keep them for usually 2 months at a time. The way amazon has been pricing games I'm pretty sure I could have bought every game I really liked that I played from gamefly and paid less than the subscription costed me over the same time period.  Besides it's pretty steep cost per month for just one game per month even, plus the super long shipping times and the fact that it's a crapshoot what they send you.  So long and good riddance.


DAII Prep course complete

Dragon Age spoilers in this blog post, FYI. 
This week it was all Ferelden all the time. With Dragon Age II coming tomorrow I went back and played through the Dragon Age Awakening expansion, plus the Leliana's Song,  Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt DLC. Awakening was a lot of fun. It was almost 16 hours of playtime for me to do all the quests except the special weapon item quests. The world changing decisions didn't come until the last hour of the game and I was wondering if there were going to be any at all. They paid off when they came though. I don't see how they're going to be able to continue the series of games if the world continues to have so many branching paths.  My guess is there will at some point be a "canon" decision that they will run with. They've already done it for Dragon Age II with the Anders character. It's possible for him to die in the epilogue of Awakening but he is very much in Dragon Age II. Now possibly he won't be in your DA2 game if he died in Awakening. That will be cool if they go with that route.  
Witch Hunt also has the same issue. After watching the endings of the different choices on youtube, it seems like what they're trying to lead up to could be completely different based on your choices. It makes me feel awesome to play the series because I feel I'm really changing the world but it makes my brain hurt trying to understand all the possible outcomes at this point.


Fitness unlocked

So Your Shape: Fitness Evolved came in from gamefly this week. I'm always needing to workout more and get in better shape and I figured we've got this kinect, so why not. Dance Central and Kinect Adventures have only been played when we have people over so far. After a few days with Your Shape I totally get it. As someone who is really enticed by achievements this game makes working out that much more enjoyable. Getting an achievement after working out is a dumb carrot but it totally works on me. It's got a decent mix of workouts to keep it mixed up. One bad thing I've noticed is it throws you into the workouts really quick. Hopefully the next one incorporates some warmup/cooldown/stretching sets around the workouts. We'll see how it goes and if I can stick with it. As long as the achievements keep flowing at a steady pace, I'm sure I will.


Spectre Justice

Operation Backlog soldiers on. I've been doing the daily dose with Mass Effect 2 over the last week. I also wrapped up Halo: Reach 3 player co-op style.  It's interesting how much time and personal investment it takes be a gamer and more specifically one where I want to experience these games that people are talking about.  I don't envy review sites or magazines that have to crank out the reviews at all. 
I tried out the Space Invaders Infinity Gene trial yesterday. As an all things cyberpunk and Rez fan I can appreciate what it’s trying to do. In this game's case I think the game got lost when they designed the style. The gameplay and the visual feedback of what is happening is a confusing mess. The control is light and without any weight. It just doesn't feel right. It tells you to fly around the screen by making it an unlockable in the game but presents scenarios in which being anywhere except the very bottom of the screen results in instant death. The visual style has an entertaining digital motif but the all white of the enemies causes so much confusion on the screen of what is actually happening making the design just get in the way. The first time I died it was a direct Y to dashboard and delete.


Operation cobwebs

So Operation Backlog floundered. I couldn't even tell you why or what I was doing in September that made me stop. I think it was getting back into WoW to get ready for Cataclysm. Anyway, after a night of co-op Halo Reach last night I think this is going to be a thing again. We shall see...


Operation Blacklog: Update 5 Back to Pandora

It's been slow going this week.  Monday I went back to Borderlands.  I'm now level 30 and finished with Krom.  I think that means I'm 3/4 of the way through.  Tuesday I wanted to play Assassin's creed next but for some reason ended up with Oblivion instead.  I finished off the Arena and started on the Fighter's guild.  I played Oblivion on PC when it orginally came out but never finished it.  Orginally I never used quick travel and I was talking to everyone.  This time it's the opposite.  I'm always using quick travel and unless their quest is guild related or the main story I'm not doing it.  I understand Bethesda made a game with great depth but I've got to keep moving with more games in the hopper that need to be beaten.  

Last night I got lazy and ended up reading comics.  Northlanders is awesome.  That is all.

Operation Backlog: Update 4 - Archdemon down

Dragon Age is done.  40 hours on this playthrough but over 60 on the game.  I had an issue with my EA account right around the time Mass Effect 2 came out where my EA account was pointing to my hotmail instead of my gmail address.  I was adding DLC on the EA website through my gmail but on my 360 with my hotmail apparently.  When I switched everything over to my gmail account I then had a 20 hour game save that wouldn't load because it was missing DLC that was tied to my hotmail address.  That left me kind of bitter and I didn't play the game again for most of a year. 
It was a great game so I knew I wanted to get to it early in Operation Backlog.  One thing I realized is due to the scope of these types of games they are always going to have some pretty glaring flaws.  It's just impossible to make a perfect role playing game and still give it a long epic scope.  Dragon Age was a miss on the combat, graphics and the generic fantasy background.  Oblivion was a miss on the auto leveling AI enemies and a lackluster main plot.  Fable II had a miss with the lackluster story.  Not to say I don't enjoy all of these games.  It's just that I'm probably a lot more forgiving of this genre now after this realization.   

Bring on the next one.  Only 27 more games to go!

Operation Backlog: Update 3 - Preserverance

The rule of Operation Backlog already took a drunken hit this weekend when I bough Plants vs Zombies on live arcade.  The rule is no new games until the backlog is complete.  Sometime after midnight a few too drinks this weekend I thought I should buy PvZ for another platform.  With that bad decision behind me I'm facing my biggest challenge today with  Halo: Reach.  I thought I wasn't that into it this time and figured I could wait until OB was complete.  I waited months for ODST after all.  The buzz has been going at decent clip at work today and I'm tempted to pick it up on the way home.  If I just make it through to Saturday I think most people will stop talking about it so much, I hope.   
The other part that has me jonsing is the fact that this whole plan is going to take longer than I thought with the number of RPG games I have.  I just passed 33 hours on this Dragon Age playthrough and I haven't even started the Landsmeet yet.  I've made the decision that in cosideration for time I'm going to have to hold off getting any DLC for any of these games until I'm done with them all.  Otherwise I may never finish.  I think the longest games I have in the backlog are Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Final Fantasy XIV and Oblivion.  Sweet jebus that's 150 hours of gaming right there.  Ok, one game at a time, one game at a time, one game at a time. 
I wrote this post to try to feel better about not getting Reach and now I'm freaking out about the actual hours it'll take to complete the backlog.  Thanks, hmph.

OB: Update 2

Batman Arkham Asylum is done.  I began to like it a lot more as I moved along through the game.  It seemed like the story only really kicked in after Harley was locked up which was only in the last 1/3 of the game. The combat kind of got frustrating to me with only like 3 moves. I think if I had gotten better with the gadgets it would have been smoother so I guess that was more my fault.  I beat it on normal and got 55% of the Riddler challenges but I don't think I'll be going back for anymore. 
I'm not sure which should be my next game.  I was thinking about one of the longer ones or back to finish out the DLC from Fable 2.  Also of note; I'm currently 2nd and about 150 points back in the 360voice points challenge I'm currently in. 
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