OB: Update 1

So the Fable II main story is down.  I need to finish the two DLC packs still.  I finished Shank and Braid.  Braid was another game I had just stopped right near the end.  I was in world 6 and some of the puzzles were just getting frustrating so I stopped playing it last year.  I went back and figured some of them out on my own and hit up youtube for the rest.  I think there were only 4 pieces I didn't have.   I'm most of the way through Splinter Cell Conviction and Batman: Arkham Asylum.  I'm tempted to just send Splinter Cell back though.  It's not my kind of game at all.  I'm just running through the levels anymore just to get them over with.   It's a gamefly rental so anything else in my list has got to be better.
Operation Backlog also works into the achievement contest I'm in with a few friends over at 360voice.com,  The September 360 Achievement Points Challenge.  I figure working through this backlog should be a good bounty of points that will do me well in the competition.  It's day 4 of 30 and I should be moving into the lead tonight.  I wish they had achievement challenges here at giantbomb.   
Till the next update.


Operation Backlog

On August 23rd my gamerscore was 34035.  We'll note that and see what it ends up being after Operation Backlog is complete.  I don't know how long it's going to last but here's the mission.  

Beat every game on this list:  Games I Need To Beat

In addtion to the games on that list there will be also the various titles that come in through gamefly.  Right now I'm working on Splinter Cell: Conviction from gamefly.  The make it work I'm not going to buy any new games until this is complete.  I may buy DLC but no new arcade or retail games.  Part of the reason for this is to save money but also to bring more respectability to my gaming.  I look at all the games lined up underneath my television and more are uncompleted than not.   
Alright I've put this in writing now we'll see how this goes.  

The gaming itch

It's weird.  I seem to always get the itch around 10am.  It's that feeling that playing games is probably a better use of my time than whatever I'm doing at the moment.  Usually & almost always it's at work.  I feel I get that itch the most between 10am and 4 pm.  Unfortunately I'm working 9-6p right now though.  The iphone has saved me from going crazy at work more than a few times.  GeoDefense, Peggle, Doodle Jump & Plants vs Zombies have gotten me through many a lunch time boredom.    
I'm not very big late night gamer either.  I'd much rather wake up early and play than stay up until 3am.       I used to sport this wallpaper quite a bit back in the day.


Too many games to play

Really.  Every week there's a pretty awesome title out that I want to play on the 360.  That doesn't even include the PS3 and the occasional Wii game.  The dearth of games has been the only thing keeping me back from buying a PS3 & a Wii.  I'm still wrapping it up, but as you can see in the list I made I have no shortage of games still I have yet to beat on the 360.  I know a lot of those are 2 years old and all my problem that they haven't been beat but still.  Even looking at my list you can see that its missing a lot of the 2010 titles.  There just isn't enough time in the day anymore!  But i let out a big 'Hell yeah!' when I read over on bitmob this week that it's wasn't all my fault.  (Just what anyone in denial wants to hear right?) The Death of the Video Game Expert.  The fact is there are just more games out than they used to.  But alas here I am posting this when I should be just playing.  Off to tackle the list!


Buy Gamerscore

In this market I wish I could in invest in gamerscore, it's on the way up.  Mine specifically.  I busted out almost a grand of more points yesterday through Madden 09 and getting the Halo 3 skulls.

Back on the market and games though; Friday morning NPR ran a small report during the morning news talking about how video games are a booming market in a down economy.  They did some street interviews with people that were really exicited about games in the game isle of some Best Buy.  That turned out to be way too much cheese to hear at 5:50am on my way to work.  Then also listening to the 1up yours podcast the same subject came up over there this week.  They were stating a similar trend had happened after 9/11 back in '01.  They called it people going into a "nesting" mode.  As we're going into the fall big time release season I'm sure this will turn out pretty well for the big game publishers this year.  

Oh and that Waves issue in GeoWars 2?  Owned.  Now up to 4.5 million.


Damnit all to hell!  Waves in Geometry Wars 2 has been killing me.  I'm going back and forth with a friend on high scores through all the modes in GeoWars2.  I own them all, he comes back wins some, I go back, you get it.  Well last week he got 3mil in waves.  This one level has been my obsession all week now.  I hit 2.7 mil twice yesterday but it's a lot of blind luck to get there it seems.  I then check out the ol'tube and some dude gets 24 mil in under a minute.  Pfft. 


So looking back on it again, I'm going across the field of play too much probably...  damn back to salt mines.  

That score will be mine, waves be damned!
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