Spectre Justice

Operation Backlog soldiers on. I've been doing the daily dose with Mass Effect 2 over the last week. I also wrapped up Halo: Reach 3 player co-op style.  It's interesting how much time and personal investment it takes be a gamer and more specifically one where I want to experience these games that people are talking about.  I don't envy review sites or magazines that have to crank out the reviews at all. 
I tried out the Space Invaders Infinity Gene trial yesterday. As an all things cyberpunk and Rez fan I can appreciate what it’s trying to do. In this game's case I think the game got lost when they designed the style. The gameplay and the visual feedback of what is happening is a confusing mess. The control is light and without any weight. It just doesn't feel right. It tells you to fly around the screen by making it an unlockable in the game but presents scenarios in which being anywhere except the very bottom of the screen results in instant death. The visual style has an entertaining digital motif but the all white of the enemies causes so much confusion on the screen of what is actually happening making the design just get in the way. The first time I died it was a direct Y to dashboard and delete.