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A tie between Spring Breakers and Pacific Rim.

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I've been using a guide for my first playthrough just for social link stuff, but yeah that feeling is basically the game almost perfectly emulating the High School Experience.

"Dang I need to study for midterms but this cute girl I like wants to go to the park right now... fucckkkk..."

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Any kind of old space exploration game can be pretty lonely and cool.

I also used to really like lone wolfing it in mmorpgs during my depressive periods.

God of War works too as Kratos is the Ultimate Loner.

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I'm using my winter break to burn through persona 4. Interestingly enough I am in the summer section of that game as of today.

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I had the same bug happen to me. I was able to see all the premium content for weeks after my membership lapsed. I only lost access after I cleared my cache for an unrelated issue.

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@sanity said:

Its like i found a hole in time or something, also wheres Tim Tracy at now days? I remember him from gamespot, but not sure if hes still in the industry.

No one really knows what happened to Tim Tracy.

Unless you visit his tumblr. http://thrashcowboy666.tumblr.com/

I've weirdly found myself pretty good twitter friends with Tim Tracy. He is out there somewhere, thrashin away.

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The Getaway

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Dave, I never thought I would ever use this phrase in a positive light but: Go home and be a family man.

Godspeed, duder!

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@Humanity said:

I don't know, different strokes for different folks I think. I was gifted The Walking Dead recently and just got done with Episode 1 or whatever they call it. Unless the writing gets a TON better I can't understand how people get emotionally distraught by this game. Most of it seems pretty comical to me and the whole gameplay part of it is so bad. Not to mention that on my pretty powerful PC that runs Sleeping Dogs and other modern games fine on high settings, TWD stutters and freezes constantly and one time it completely locked up. Sure it's a game, but it's not a very good one. Then again I'm staunchly against Asuras Wrath receiving any awards apart from maybe flashy cinematics of the year and it seems so hypocritical of the staff to suddenly turn on their heels and praise everything in it that until now they so vehemently opposed in the past.

@bibamatt said:

Personally, I loved TWD, but I agree on Jeff's points. I did get attached to Clemtine, of course, but that didn't stop me pretty much cringing my way through most parts where she spoke. I found her overall 'adult actor doing a kids voice' and, well, just a bit lame.

It's all opinions though, yeah?

Oh yeah for sure on both points. Jeff is totally entitled to his opinions and everything and it is totally interesting from a purely "under the hood" perspective, which is pretty much the whole point of these deliberations being made public in the first place, right?

It's just that for some reason that one opinion really caused me to have one of those existential moments where I looked at how much more deliberation there was going to be and how much of my short life there is left and I just kind of went "yeah I'll just watch the videos."