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As above its cool and quiet doing its work clocking it down to 4x 200mhz from 17x 200mhz when the cpu is not in use. You can disable this in the bios if you want to check this for yourself. CPU-z show the CPU is set to 3.4ghz.

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It is a bottleneck but i would check drivers and turn off things like v sync and phsix to see if they were causing the lag before droping money on a new cpu/mobo/ram.

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I think this COD could give Battlefield, Titanfall, Destiny a good chance to grab some of CODs Market share.

This will sell the question is if this is the COD that make people hesitant to preorder the next one. Like i was with Assasins creed 4 after the last one.

I think like WoW its to big to just fail but i can imagine the userbase will have waned to some degree by the time the next one is released.

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Shadow Warrior

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I think FUN is the wrong criteria for these sort of games.

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@o5ris said:

@sathingtonwaltz said:

@o5ris: I don't know a single PC Gamer that's actually paid for Windows. Also, you can get perfectly usable mouse and keyboard set up for around 20 dollars. Current desktop I'm using was approximately $500 to build and I've had it for three years now. It runs everything I play perfectly.

(I already had a copy of windows)

well might aswell assess not paying for the games then ? also a ok cherry keyboard/logitech and mx518/g400mouse (not including gamepad) are about 50 bucks and agood ballpark number for your average non fancy input devices.

As far as your 500$ rig goes ... great for you ... i guess ...whats the point exactly ? Has as much todo with the fact that "i can EASILY built a more powerfull pc than a nextgen console for the same price" is rubbish as the fact that you can buy a 360-4gb new for 130 € ...

And, top of the line graphics cards can cost $500 alone.

Sooo... thats like saying a 4k tv cost thousand of dollars most people won't buy it/need it.

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With steam and a looming pay for multiplayer with the ps4/xbone. It mean PC is currently the most attractive it has looked in the last ~10 year in my opinion.

Edit: Not saying its now cheaper but the gap has definately narrowed.

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Now is a fine time to build New intel chips out recently and new amd graphics cards are looking nov-Feb. Unfortuneatly ram prices have gone but but you can't have everything.

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1st game yes definately 2 & 3 are meh