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Hi guys! My name is Dave and I'm 17, I'm writing from Naples(Italy). I'm a serius and quiet boy, and I think about 15 hours a day..oh yeah.. i'm a kind of person who think a lot! I like so much the feminility. Indeed is for this reason because I use all of my avatar in female style. I love cats and dogs, but more the cats! Is for this reason I Have a female cat in my house who name is Goccia.. Is so pretty!! I'll be honest.. I don't like this planet. There is no thing who can stimolate me more than Music and Drawing! Then..My principal Hobby(Passion) is to drawing, indeed I drawing since i had 2 years , I've always had the passion for drawing. My drawing-style is in American Style. I love it! Soon I'll post in my blog some drawings! Of course.. hoping you all like them! I want to be a penciler like my favourites penciler! For now is only a dream.. but maybe.. int the future.. ^^ My favourite penciler is Michael Turner! Other penciler I love are: Adriana Melo, David Finch, Marc Silvestri, Mark Bagley, Eric Basaldua, Marcio Abreu, Terry Dodson, Paolo Pantalena, Adam Hughes, Kenneth Rocafort, Joe Madureira, Randy Green etc etc. My favourite Music is Rock, Metal, Classic, J-pop, Anime OST, Videogames OST. etc etc. ^^