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Davebefree: NBA 2K11 Review 0

 As a fan of basketball, the NBA, and Michael Jordan, the release of NBA 2K11 felt a great deal like Christmas morning.  NBA 2K11 is a basketball game that promises a recreation of Michael Jordan in his prime, a full featured state of the art basketball experience, and a full overhaul to the series' modes and presentation.  It's a lot for a year to year iterative title and, surprisingly, NBA 2K11 almost accomplishes everything it sets out to do.  However, like the greatest basketball player of a...

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DaveBeFree's Blazblue: Continuum Shift Review 0

I have a fickle relationship with both Anime and fighting games.  Neither of these genres have been able to win my heart entirely, but I have been drawn to both at certain times.  Despite the factors working against it, however, Blazblue: Clamity Trigger was one the surprises for me from last year, providing a rich and fully realized experience that I didn't expect to enjoy.  It may look rather obtuse and strange, but underneath it's niche Japanese exterior is a rather fun game.  In some ways I ...

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Transformers: War for Cybertron: The Video Game... 0

 Transformers: War for Cybertron is, from my experience, a rare thing.  It is not everyday that a game completely surprises you, providing a first rate experience, and also revitalizing your interest in a tired and seemingly hollow franchise.  Transformers succeeds at not only being a fantastic game, but also, the most successful modern reimagining of the classic 80's franchise.  Perhaps the changes may be to drastic to satisfy die hard Transformer fans, but the more casual robot lover will find...

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DaveBeFree's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review 0

 In a market flooded with shooters of all kinds, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 deserves your attention.  It doesn't do anything out of the ordinary, or boast of advancements in narrative or technology, but Battlefield: Bad Company 2 succeeds at being an impressive collection of fine-tuned mechanics and fun and satisfying gameplay.  If your looking for excellence in the shooting genre, you will certainly find what you need in this package.  If you're looking for something different, well, go ...

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DaveBeFree's Army of Two: the 40th Day Review 0

Army of Two the 40th day is to Pineapple Express what Uncharted 2 was to Indiana Jones.  Under close scrutiny this analogy might not hold up, but keep reading.  You'll see what I mean.  The game stars Rios and Salem, two bromantically involved PMCs of the auspiciously named T.W.O.  I haven't played the first Army of Two, so the back story to how these gents got their start is lost on me.  Frankly, it doesn't matter, as you know all you need to after the first thirty minutes of in-game tutorials....

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DaveBeFree's Darksiders Review 0

Do you like video games?  Namely Zelda and Devil May Cry?  Do you like comic books?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself when considering Darksiders.  It may seem unfair to precede a new IP with such grandiose comparisons, but Darksiders mostly brings this level of scrutiny on itself.  Few games so clearly plagiarize classics of video games as does Darksiders, with the result being an almost catalog of games from the past.  Unfortunately, Darksiders greatest success is proving just ...

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I just flew in from Kijuju and boy are my arms tired! Ba-Dum-Cha! 0

Resident Evil 5 is a hard game to review as you have to approach it with a measured amount of sensitivity thanks to the controversy that has undeservingly swirled around it. And yes, I said "undeservingly." Having played through the entire game (on Veteran mind you) I can say that the influence of "racism" has been overplayed. If you can get over the fact that you're curb-stomping someone into oblivion, you can get over the fact that you're shelling out buck in Africa. The violence is so over th...

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