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@Brodehouse: My point was that if all of the content from a given game wasn't available to all users of their system then the title would be removed (see Dragon Age 2, Battlefield 3 etc) which yes would piss off some of the users it would also lose the publishers/developers potentially millions of $ forcing them to change their policys.

@Mystyr_E: I don't think there would be a shortage of titles if there ever was a "Steam console" it's the place to be for anyone releasing a title on the pc and it wouldn't be any different on a console. You can also look at what Steam has done for indie games, they are more popular now than they have ever been.

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This is why we need Valve to make a console. They would tell the publishers with these crazy content exclusivity deals to go fuck themselves.

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Horrible, horrible, horrible clunky controls, having to rely on broken controls for tension is just bad game design. I know they are similar to RE games of old, but in this day and age they just aren't acceptable any more. So much for the Gears-like controls, unless they haven't been implemented yet?

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They didn't have a year later start due to Oblivion, 4J Studios ported that to the PS3. The only reason they can have for it not being as good on the PS3 as it is on the 360 is that they aren't as good as some other developers at understanding & making full use of the PS3 hardware.

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I would wait until you can pickup a jasper chipset as that should reduce the overheating problems even further due to having a 65nm GPU as well as CPU.

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ep_driver said:
"How do you get to the underground between 15 & 18? Is it from the helicopter map? After you beat the game?"
You unlock the underground tunnels by going to Area 19 and going into one of the rooms and hitting a prisoner with your bionic claw, who then gives up their locations.
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Bought it on 360 as it didn't even have a release date for Europe on PSN last I checked.

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Revolver = Area 00
Plasma Rifle = Area 06
Bazooka = Albatross
Shotgun = Area 08
Vector Cannon = Dunno yet
Joe's Machine Gun = Area 07
Grenades = Area 02

I believe the helmet is in one of the secret tunnels between Area 14 & Area 17, thought I'm not 100% sure on that.

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No need for one, just ban any fanboys trolling threads.

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After playing the demo I would pay 400 points max for this. It's not even close to being worth 1200.