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I did every single ending, all achievement' that's what I'd advise, you can get them all in one playthrough if you load the right save.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Fuck no.  I'll do my gaming on a tv with a console and a controller. Not with a portable working as a controller, screen or whatever.  No waggle shit, no camera's, no motion crap, just gaming. "
damn straight +1, what are you guys smoking , you can't experience good games on a small little mobile screen, much less afford the crap
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Yeah the insane Is made easier with that cool sniper rifle and that DLC assault rifle as well, actualy if you know what your doing with the right skills insane is a breeze I don't remember having a problem.

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lol , I think it will be nice to sit back, relax and watch the game play out in a movie

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Well I Only saw a brief trailer of the game and noticed the dude using powers , I'm just wondering will that player be able to use guns as well or is he stuck using powers only?
Edit, added question mark :P

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Borderlands, Fallout New Vegas and Dawn of War II

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Real Nice! comments here, what a warm community.
good times.

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No No No No and No.
this quick pickup for 15$ Is not well worth the waste at all. So the game just effectively released yesterday I pre-ordered it thinking hey it can't be that bad and I loaded it up to give it a try, after downloading the game on steam and then launching it the game has a small bunch of files to extract or download before you can play, once In it seems your forced to play a tutorial before venturing any further into even the options menu.
the game has a rather out of control feel to it in terms of looking around with the mouse sure you can turn the sensitivity down but i feel that just makes you more vulnerable anyway aside from that ramble the game looks a lot like team fortress 2 a game I don't really like at all, but seeing the coins drop from the npc mobs in the trailer and hearing you get to upgrade your skills drawed me to try it , however it seems you can only upgrade your 4 different skills with cash you collect in game for your class up to level 3 in one game and all is reset after the game ends. another rinse and repeat game. 
so the biggest thing that bugs me about this game is the assassin class , I'll go no further after explaining this because I'm not writing a review here, I'll give the game a few more try outs though however I Don't see me going with it anywhere. The assassin class can go completely invisible and walk around and 1 hit KO any class from behind leaving the only diffirence being in the hands of your enemy assassin , which is relatively unkillable unless they are jumping on a teammate or doing something stupid like running in the line of fire. a even slightly clue'd up player playing a assassin is extremely annoying and the class its generally skill less which made me first 3 games on the different servers a nightmare of  constant dying to female figure every 10-20 seconds after spawning 
so all in all I wouldn't recommend buying this game. That all said just so you know this isn't my official review or opinion on the game It's just some thoughts that went through my mind when trying it out and I'm just not sure if it deserves any more thought.
So all of the comments up to no.5 below are to my blog above, I'm editing this because obviously according to the comments below It's a impulsive and unfair rant which I've come to realize after giving the game more of my time. So I've spent some more of my precious time with this game and found it to be quite enjoyable and I definitely have to eat my words nom nom nom. although what I said before wasn't 100% fabricated the assassin can still be an annoying one hit KO annoyance  sometimes but can easily be avoided if you know what your doing. And have discovered the other classes have there annoyances as well but in regards to the assassin if you are lulling about in the game casually you are going to constantly die to them if you aren't keeping both eyes open and it's going to be annoying but It certainly Isn't enough to bring the game down at all It can actually be a fun challenge stopping them , but they will get you! and me being color blind n' all they always eventually get me despite my efforts
So If you hated Team Fortress 2 like me, Don't think it will be the same with this game there's a lot more to it. This game will take you further than a 15$ lunch will on Saturday I'm finding all the classes very diverse and incomparable to each other in terms of fairness its like dota/heroes of newerth hero diversity, situation situation situation. It's alot of Fun if you let it take you there , so if your looking for something to play that's reasonably good and cheap this is probably the game for you, I actually came to realize and appreciate this game a bit better when I tried out Breach, another cheap steam game that came out , and boy does it have some lag problems, that said what I failed to realize is how stable this game MNC came out , I mean that's what we expect for our money with games these days but most of the time this never happens with most multilayer releases, one day later dedicated servers were up and I was satisfied
I will say the achievements are abit excessive 2500 kills of turrets and all sorts , wah I'm not really sure I'll be playing the game that much , but hey if some of my friends buy it maybe, So If you haven't bought it yet and are stubborn like a friend of mind and think its now to late you've missed the hype your wrong go grab the game and jam
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Front cover of inFamous (US) for PlayStation 3
So I'm playing infamous on my ps3 lately , a tried it a couple of months back but It didn't hold my gaze so to say, I tried playing it, on hard, I'm quite obsessed with playing games on the hardest difficulty but I don't think that helped because starting off the game with no interesting powers lead me quickly looking elsewhere, I gave the game another casual try on easy a couple of days ago and It quickly turned into something I appreciated , I feel infamous is a lot like GTA in a way its urbany feel and street roaming , I think its GTA on lighting minus the grand theft auto which is what makes gta what it is i guess. You know roaming the streets finding collectibles blowing up the bad guys completing useless side missions On a mission to fix up the neighborhood.
Anyway I'm really enjoying the game so far, I'm playing hero on easy I really don't normally play games on such a low difficulty but I'm just not entirely masterful with the playstation analog controller, when I'm done with this playthrought I'll shock up the game on hard and go infamous because I want all the bad karma trophies! also I believe Its a lot easier blowing up everything infront of you than aiming at specific targets so playing it on infamous creates a sense of everything else dying instead of you trying to avoid killing civilians or even the enemies when they are on the floor in a feeble attempt to stop your  your karma reduction . so I generally believe playing infamous on infamous karma rating will make playing the game on hard easier lol.
It just always seems to be easier being the bad guy , Good choices are always harder and self destructive of course that goes both ways. Thinking about that actually , a lot of the bad choices I've made in my life came real easy, and I probably wouldn't have had wanted it another way, a lot of em, not all lol.
anyway Infamous is a 7/10 for me at the moment
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wow I better check this dlc out then.

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