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I am Davey87

Add me if you want and I shall get adding you guys :)

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How would I go about getting this from the uk? I signed in but it says usa only. :(

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Not very far in at the moment but my god it is a beautiful game. The graphics and music are amazing. Never underestimate how much a fully orchestrated score can do!

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@Petiew said:

@Daveydave: Yeah, the game should be playable on your UK account, I don't believe this game is region locked at all but it might be wise to check around. There are a few problems though. The cards will end up costing more than if you just wait for the boxed release of the game. Play-asia's cards are fairly expensive, Amazon might also put additional tax on their cards at the checkout (Unsure of this). There was also a recent topic in the forums where someone's card wasn't accepted on Amazon, if you use Amazon you also need to fiddle around with your account and change the address and other things. The cards are also sold only as $20 or $50 and the game is $55. If you were planning on buying DLC you'd need to get it off the US store as EU DLC wouldn't be compatible with that version of the game. I've downloaded a PS2 game, a few PS1 games, lots of demos and some smaller PSN games, but never a full PS3 game from another region's store. Best bet is probaby just to wait for a boxed copy TBH!

Just to let everyone know if you can't wait a week like me, I bought it from the us store, downloaded it, and it's working fine on my uk account.:-)

I bought the psn credit from off gamers too if you wondered!

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@Petiew: I see, and then what would I do? Download it on the us account, and then swap back over to my normal uk one and it will be there to play?

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is there a way to buy this on the US store and play it on a uk account without having to swap regions like the vita??

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who is that on my screen! He almost sounds nervous too. Also welcome!

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In the same position somewhat. In June I may have to move back in with the parents. I'm trying to stay positive though. Always try your best to look ahead, because if you stay too long looking at the past, it will consume you.

Chin up :)

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Shenmue. Power Stone and Skies of Arcadia.

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Xbox - Davechan87 - UK

Loving this game, but noticed it can sometimes be very hard getting into a game. I've had to wait for rooms to fill up quite a bit, which is a shame because this game is like Power Stone, one of my favourite games on the dreamcast.