You know what sucks? Internet dating. It is hard to even find a good person and then they don't respond. I wish I had a way to meet the right kind of girl in person, but I just don't. I don't have a job :( ,my school sucks, and I don't really have friends who go to parties with people for me to meet. Clubs and bars are also not my thing. I am really just stuck alone in my house and it sucks a whole lot. 


The Help AjayRaz Fund

It seems our young Ajay is a huge klutz and is danger of killing himself. Here is some proof. 
  "Also, when I sent that, I punched myself in the face somewhat by mistake. I'm not kidding."   
He somehow punched himself in the face while sending a tweet. He is a very special boy and needs our help. All you need to do, caring public, is keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't die choking on candy, or slip on pasta he dropped until he hits his head. If you want to do anything more, make your way to Quebec and give him a helmet to protect his little head. I am sure everyone in Quebec knows who he is.


Fake Wiis, not just in China

So I was in CVS the other day to interview for a job and I had to wait till it was my turn. While wasting time walking around I saw some exciting new gaming consoles! 

 Real time action graphics!
  So. They are fake ass consoles that have really bad built in games that you can buy for like 40 dollars. They even kinda look like a Wii as you can see with remote shaped controllers too.  I played some really bad tennis game and it did not control well. They try to have motion controls, but they do not work at all. There is also a smaller "portable" version you can get in exciting colors!  I am pretty sure these are for grandmas to buy for their grandkids while they are getting their meds and don't know any better.  
 I just thought I'd point out the crappy cosole market that is alive and "well" in our neck of the woods. If you have seen any other really stupid cheap consoles around you, why don't you share? 

 You can get a fake Wii Fit too!
I'd also like to point out that the Zone 40 likes to proclaim it has "3rd Generation" gaming as some sort of super cool future feature. I would like to point out that that particular generation started in 1983 and was mostly taken up with the NES.

My Favorite Canadians

Here are some of my favorite Candians 

He's Canadian

His name was Tim Sawyer.....

The funniest Candians of all.




Whoa Keanu... He's so dreamy

Ex, it contains relationship talk so don't read it Sweep.

So my last relationship ended on a very sour note. Things were said blah blah blah, you know how it goes. So my ex and I, despite a long close friendship, were on very bad terms with each other. Well it has been like two months and we had a conversation today. Well, I guess the point is that things are no longer "hostle" toward each other and are on good terms again. Sufice it to say, I am very happy about this and a wieght that has been hanging around has been lifted of my sholder. I still hate her boyfriend though. 
As for this girl now, I don't really know what to think. While I talk to her on FB every so often it is very hard to jude when not actually talking to a person face to face. Most of all women. If any ladies read this just know you are damn tricky things, at least for me. I guess like I've said before i won't realy know the deal for a few days when she gets back and we do something or not. 
The main point was the 1st part, you have no clue how much better it makes me feel.

Your 1st Name Brand

So this is a really stupid premise, but I'm bored. Take your first name and post famous logos and junk of it. Have stupid fun, you all know you want to.

 Makes perfect sense

Now guess my 1st name
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