Insomniac with Daveyo520

I sit here on my computer at almost 4 am in the morning. I should really be asleep, but I am not as you can tell. I stay up because I just find too many things to do online. But even when I do try to go to sleep it takes forever, so I guess it is a little bit of insomnia really. It has been going on for ever really. It's been suggested I should go on sleep meds, but I think that's pushing it to places I don't want to go. I have some friends who do take them though, they seem to help them. Except one always has crazy dreams when she sleeps because of it, but that might be cool.
Hmmmm, can I make this relevant to anyone who reads this? Do and of you suffer from insomnia? Do you just like to stay up late? Why are you up at 4 am right now? I bet it's because you are in a different time zone. 


My Top 5 Comedians

1. Zach Galifinakis
He doesn't really tell jokes, he is more of a guy who acts funny. His mannerisms and delivery are what sets him above the rest. I love how he can be a dick to people and make it pure gold. For an example of this see his web show thingy Between Two Ferns on Funny Or Die. The last one he did with Ben Stiller was great. To see him act weird watch The Hangover or him on Tim & Eric. Actually here are some links.

2. Demetri Martin.....Ladies
He has some similarities in the ways I find Zach funny. Not that he is the same, just my sense of humor lends me towards his stuff. Like it's a lot of the way he acts when he tells his jokes. Also I guess he is a prop comic when I think about it, but way better than Carrot Top. I guess I like my comedians like i like my music, "Alternative".

3. Patton Oswalt
His stories he tells in his stuff are great. Do you know why he quit LSD? So the 1st memory his daughter has of him won't be him high telling her the truth behind Lucky Charms. He is also a geek and likes the same junk I do. He was pretty good in Ratatouille too. You know what, I REALLY wish The Comedians of Comedy was still on CC, that show was really good and had both him and Zach G on it.

4.Mitch Hedberg
Again with his delivery. While he doesn't have too much stuff because he is well dead, it was still good. Actually this got me thinking about people who do have lots of stuff and that in their day Steve Martin and Eddy Murphy had some really great stand up acts (which you should watch), but they are both way past that time now.

5. Dane Cook
I KNOW, I know... He is kinda a sell out now and he hasn't had any real good material in a while and he sucks now along with his movies (except Waiting, but he's not good in it Ryan Reynolds is). BUT his old stuff was great, and I still quote him occasionally. Like calling Burger king the BK Lounge.
Edit: I forgot, somehow, about Lewis Black. He is the real number 5.
  The guy is pure genius. I love his yelling and his jokes are great. Does anyone have minutes of pure gold on nothing but candy corn? I think not. He has also seen the end of the world and can tell you where it is.


A top 5 list to rule them all, a top 5 list to bind them

So as I do every night I think about things a lot. Tonight I really thought I needed to tell what my top five favorite movies, shows, and bands were. This not only to let you all know but also in hopes that at least some of you will also do the same and let us know what yours are. So here I sit at 4 am squinting at the screen because I don't have my glasses on writing you all this list.

Mind you this is going to be really hard to do and I haven't actually thought what I am going to put down yet. I like way more than the 5 things I will list for each and there will be some that barely miss the cut.

Also, just in case you didn't know, my last name is NOT Letterman.

Top 5 Movies.

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark.
You know what, I don't even know why it just is. It has been my favorite movie forever and I just love it because I do.

2. Pulp Fiction
Now over the past couple days I have been cotemplating if I like number 3 more or not but I have decided it can stay here. I think it is the Golden Watch chapter.

3. Inglorious Bastereds
Just a real great film. The acting is superb (well by those who aren't American at least) most of all Hans Lander. The bar scence, pure greatness.

4. Jaws
A pure classic and Speilbergs 1st big movie. When the shark comes out of the water and Cheif Brodey's reaction, just great stuff.

5. Jurrasic Park
What kind of park is it?

Notice how all these movies were made by two people. I wonder if I like their stuff? If I was some film critic I would have had "The greatest movie ever made" Citizen Kane up there, but I don't think I would actually like it and heve never seen it. Or I would have some older, artsy, or little know movies on the list for example. La Jete, mostly still images, just see 12 Monkeys. The Battle Ship Potempkin, one of Russia's finest peice of film making, you can skip it. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, has anyone even fucking heard of this besides me, it is weird and very trippy, very yellow, horror films have evolved since then and if you are going to see a really old one just see Nosferatu. I could go on an on. By the way there are a million movies I like better than those I listed in this paragraph.

Top 5 TV Shows

1. The Venture Bros.
It's like a game of cat and also cat.

2. It's Always Sunny in Phildelphia
This show is hilarious and you should all really watch it. Comedy Centrail will be airing episodes on Monday now and while they won't be uncensored like on FX you should still watch them.

3. Futurama
Way better than The Simpsons

4. South Park
It's Butters!

5.Law & Order.
DUN DUN. Too bad they just canceled it.

Top 5 Bands

1. Led Zepplien

2. Weezer

3. The Killers

4. Daft Punk

5. This is a very hard choice because it changes around a lot. Right now I will have to go with either David Bowie or The Beatles. Or....Queen or AC/DC.


She needs to leave my skull.

Falling in love with someone is one of the stupidest things you can do. Cuz when they leave you and crush your heart under their boot of sociopathic evil you will fall into a pit of dispare so deep that you can't climb out without the help of some good ol' fashion happy pills. I have always been a depressed little boy and this only continues the problem. I also feel bad for the fact that I should not be thinking of her still. It have been a little less then 3 months and I think I am crazy for still feeling this way. Anyway i just need to fucking stop thinking of her, if only it was that easy...



So about two weeks ago events happened that led me to delte my Facebook and deviantArt pages. I have also stopped going out or seeing any of my friends. They have tried to call and txt me, but I ignore them, well except for one person. I got the one person I cared about them most in the past to hate me. I now can not face anyone for I am too ashamed of myself, so I have put myself into self exile. I know that is a crazy person's thing to fo, but I just can't face people. I am sure eventually the phone calls will stop and people will forget about me. For the best.  
I used to only come to this site for the videos and Bombcast, but now I go to the forums which I have never really done before. I am now spending all the time I would have with friends or on FB here. I guess it is a form of human interaction in some form. 
Gladly I know no one will read this and it will live deep in the blog tab of my profile, but I needed to get it off my chest.


OK we lets see. I need a new laptop.

This thing has been literally falling apart on me. The right hing is broken (it happened on its own) , and the screen is going to fall off like any time now. The fans busted and makes these messed up sounds on occasion. The USB ports only work 25% of the time. Lastly, the head phone jack is busted. Also I can't really play any games on it . Well the point is I need a new one.
 My Christmas giftage is mostly going to a trip to CA next week, so I am not getting one any  time soon.

Well that concludes my completely arbitrary 1st blog post.