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I can't be the only one who like Psycho Pass 2.

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@gaspower: I don't like Eva myself but I think everyone should probably see it.

Also Gundam Wing is amazing.

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@super2j: The regular non special edition should be around for a while I would think.

@gaspower: I guess it took me longer than it should have to see Evangelion so I guess it happens. I hope you get to fixing it soon.

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@gaspower: I also think it is a good thing over all. Also how have so many people not seen it? lol

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@aegon: Ya it is mainly like an X-Files type deal. A monster of the week (or a villain for CB) with the plot shoved in at the end. I don't mind episodic stuff myself, I like just seeing the characters deal with different stuff and live their lives and such.

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@frostyryan: Hmmmm, a bit of fan service from Faye who shows off a lot of cleavage but not anything graphic or anything like that. It aired on Adult Swim so it is safe for TV.

Edit: Well there is a scene where someone cuts Faye's top off with a knife. You don't see anything but it is very sexual assalty.

Also watch it in English BTW. Even the creator has said that it is the best version.

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@frostyryan: It is amazing. One of the best in my opinion.

I got this version.

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@gaspower: IDK, I guess they are trying to rely on BD sales. Streaming reduces piracy a ton but for some reason they don't all do it.

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@gaspower: I don't. It has stopped me from watching it.