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And you guys said such mean things about Korra.

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Kill la Kill is one of my new favorites. I love its over the top craziness. Also like other people have said watch Gurren Lagann.

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@dark said:

I believe I registered my HL:Blue Shift key during beta, I think it bugged or something as I got every single retail HL1 product available at the time (and still have them).

I purchased HL2 on release like most people, was probably that.

So the first set of game(s) I actually had on Steam was the Half-Life Platinum Edition. It had HL, CS, TF as well as Opposing Force and Blue Shift. When I entered one of the keys it knew I had the rest. I think it may have thought you had the same set.

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Audiosurf on November 4th, 2008.

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God yes

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So I finished Kill la Kill earlier in the week and I enjoyed it a bunch. I am rewatching Gurren Lagann and started watching Bakemonogatari tonight.

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Now let us hope Lucasarts somehow lives again. (Or Disney actually does stuff with its corpse)

Also when I was growing up I really only knew Sierra because they published Half-Life.

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@hailinel: @sergio: They are just too cute not to get. I wish there was a Chie one. Yukiko and Teddy are not for me. I guess there is a Figma of her but that is not cute.

Also I am the super devil.

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I have since bought 5 nendoroids since seeing them first in this thread.