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For breakfast sausage I put maple syrup, and for something like a Bratwurst I put on some nice fancy mustard. Like the kind that is pretty much all seeds.

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@dalai: Yup we all know Nate has never had an alcoholic beverage because he is under aged. Not once.

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I am a jerk

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What I do is be too afraid of it in the first place to ever experience it. Don't do that.

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It has happened to me as well.

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My brother is a fucking douchebag.

Maybe not as true now. Still one but not a big one.

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Yes, Dota can do that to you. I usually just swear. I don't think I have ever thrown a controller more than once.

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I was in the second row of the middle section. I still haven't fully processed all of the chaos that occurred in front of me. That was beautiful.


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I wish the 3DS one would come too. Also that P5 would get on the 360 as well.

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I have a question, about how long is it? Regular JRPPG length?