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@alistercat: what was your party for that fight? Just tried it with 2 sword and shield warriors and 2 mages and got my ass kicked.

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Hey I would love to play with you guys, @clumthumb if someone wouldn't mind sending an invite.

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psn: clumthumb3cm

timezone: EST

launch games: AC4, Need for Speed, BF4, COD Ghosts, Killzone

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I got a similar email but it is pre-order 2, pay for one. Since I have already pre-ordered and paid for the games I want, one of you duders can have the code. The deal is eligible for these games, you add two too your cart, enter the code at checkout and you should only have to pay for one. Here's the code: UWA5-U4LFY7-Y48WJA and enjoy your games!

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So after its introduction in AC3, naval combat makes it's return in AC4. And just like AC3 I detest the naval combat. I find the ship unwieldy to control in a fight, you always seem to be outnumbered by better outfitted ships, and I am just plain horrible in any fight I engage in. But there seem to be a number of people who thought the sea faring segments of AC3 to be its only redeeming quality. So I implore you salty sea captains out there, share some tips and tricks and help me enjoy this game and keep my out of Davy Jones' Locker.

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Hey, I was able to run the beta just fine on high, and have just upgraded my video card. But now with the full retail release my cpu usage is going through the roof and causing the game to crash, which is an issue I thought they resolved. I am not having this issue with any other game, anyone have any advice? The little I've played I have loved, so this is really bumming me out.

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platform: PS3 username: clumthumb3cm

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Anyone want a Beta Key?

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While on a podcast spree you should listen to the newest Comedy Bang Bang (here) and go the the 12:30 mark for some mildly entertaining Giant Bomb related content. You should also listen to the whole thing since it is funny.