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Doesn't this game come out tomorrow?

EDIT: Nope, I'm just dumb. That seems strange though.

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There are actually a bunch of mediocore/extremely shitty games on sale for 5 bucks on games on demand.

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I liked cards against humanity before it was popular.

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Ogre Battle 64 and Sim Golf, I've held onto both of those games since their respective releases.

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@Everyones_A_Critic: I agree that there are great artists out now, but most of my favorite rap or hip-hop is in the form of pre-2000s Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Gangstarr, Mos Def, Wu-Tang, OutKast, ect. I'm really enjoying Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica, Ab-Soul, but I really miss storytelling in hip-hop.

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How come "it was made before 2001" isnt on this list?

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I heard they are taking it in a new direction. Its going to be an isometric, top down, turn based, strategy RPG.

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@Brodehouse: The man in Crysis shot his bow at a helicopter that was shooting him with a machine gun. I understand where your coming from and understand that a man (or woman) holding a bow looks more feral/badass/survivalist than some modern military dude holding an ACR, I just think it's some what silly.

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Being the son of an avid hunter, who's in the business of selling bows and archery supplies I am confused as to why anybody when given the choice between a gun and a bow (Far Cry, Crysis, Tomb Raider, ect.) in a situation where their life is on the line would think using a bow would be the smarter choice than a pump action shotgun or an assault rifle. I realize that these are video games but, seriously? Your going to grab a weapon that you need to reload after every shot, is difficult to transport and bring any amount of ammo along and is all around useless when facing multiple attackers. I just think Lara Croft wouldn't be getting the shit kicked out of her as much if she just held onto the guns the all of the bad guys are carrying around.