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Isnt it released on Wednesday?

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@therabidfrog: Haha, so I come to the community to try and understand what it is about this game that people love, and you call me a pussy. If this is the kind of person I must become to enjoy this game, I think I will pass.

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I am down sir! I am not the most experienced Reach player but am looking forward to battling it out with some fellow Bombers!

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@LordXavierBritish: Have you played Demon's Souls, are there any meaningful changes between the two that may hook me unlike the first one.

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So after playing Demon's Souls and not enjoying it, I had zero interest in Dark Souls when it came out. But after watching someone do a speed run of this game and having nothing to play currently I picked it up. When I returned from the store I placed it on my coffee table where it has sat for about a week now unopened. Sitting here and looking at the games that I am excited for coming out in a weeks time I am having a hard time justifying putting this in my Xbox when I could return it for full price and pick up 2 games I am interested in. There are things I am actually interested in seeing in Dark Souls but I share the issues with this game that most people do and I am having a hard time making the decision to actually open this.

So tell me die hard Dark Soul's fans and haters alike, should I trudge through the clumsy controls and bad graphics to see the varied locations and enemies, is there enough of a difference between this game and Demon's Souls to keep me interested, or should I just bring this back to Best Buy and play through The Witcher again until Diablo and Max Payne come out next week?

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Know whats a sweet Arnold Schwarzenegger film, True Lies, man that movie is awesome. Oh, and I don't really agree with your analogy, comparing content being withheld by developers to AIR may be a little overexaggerated.

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Know whats more fun than Fallout, Fallout 3. I say this is all seriousness.

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@kalmis: It may be some sort of colloquialism or just how I have been raised but something like a Wiser's we refer to as Whiskey where as a Glenlivet we call Scotch. And after doing a miniscule amount of research I see how silly my previous statement was.

So let me rephrase: I would start out with Canadian Whiskey, such as a Wiser's, as it is usually smoother than, say, a Scotch.

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I say go with Scotch's better looking sister, Whiskey. I find it much easier to drink and it tastes less like cigarettes. And starting by developing a tastes for whiskey may make it easier to then graduate to scotch.

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Catherine, Rage. I played hours and hours of Black Ops multiplayer with my room mates, so I picked up MW3 and realized how unfun it is when you are playing it alone at home for the summer and not playing it drunk with your friends.