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I don't think Revelations was boring as shit, I thought it was fun.

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My disappointment with the story doesn't come from expecting it to be something it wasn't, but rather the unceremonious way most if not all the stories of the interesting characters comes to an end. And though you bring up some interesting ideas and it is a well written article, I don't fully agree with your arguments, and I am interested to go back and play through again to form a fully realized opinion.

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So after watching the game of the year content I was shocked to see that NFS:MW won best multiplayer in a year with so many other games with a great online experience. I've watched the quick look and a few other videos and it seemed ok, but never really interested me. But with so many sales going on I could pick it up for relatively cheap, so here are my questions.

How does finding a match work? I will either pick this up for my PC or my PS3 (I would be able to buy it for a little cheaper on PS3) and I was wondering if you can search for a lobby, or if you are inviting friends on your friendslist to play with. In either case is there an active community playing on either platform, have I missed my opportunity to play? And lastly is this the kind of multiplayer experience that is fun while playing with random strangers online, or is the enjoyment racing your friends and beating them to the finish line. None of my friends really play video games, although this does seem like one they might be interested in, but it is most likely I would be playing with strangers. I have a week off still until I head back to school and I would like to pick up a new game, but with my history of getting bored with racing games (single player ones to be exact) and videos of the game not really selling me on it I am hesitant to pick it up. Thanks for the help duders.

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@Jace said:

@moelarrycurly: Man, no Weeknd?

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I find it more fun to read the comments of a game of the year list than the list itself. I find it hilarious when people try to rate someones personal opinion.

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Wow, that would totally pinch that guys blade, poor technique.

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I love people telling you which games do and do not belong on a personal top ten list. Nicely written, reading this makes me want to pick up Hotline Miami.

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Favorite would either be Spelunky, XCOM or Far Cry 3.

Least favorite? Max Payne 3, Syndicate or Dust. Did Catherine come out this year?

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@Patman99: You have convinced me to read that book.

@Video_Game_King: Yeah, most of my information has come from references in movies and tv, and the stoners in my highschool painting scenes from it on their backpacks.