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Knowing Kojima it's not going to be a completely metaphorical/metaphysical thing, so that rules out afterlife type stuff. Nothing he's done in the past suggests anything as ambiguous as all that. He coats his weird in the familiar. There's also the future tech handcuffs going on, which seems to suggest scifi. Of course, how much does this trailer really reflect the game? Is this trailer representative of "reality" as it exists in the game, or is it something unreal but of the game like, say, Snake's hallucinations in MGSV? There's really no way to even remotely guess at this thing, but it's fun to try!

Kojima has apparently given some information, which can be referenced easily here

Of particular note from the Kojima interview to me is this:

You talk about “mass stranding” when there are a lot of whales or dolphins stranded on the beach. It’s called “live stranding” when they’re alive, and “dead stranding” when they’re dead. The meaning of the title is that something came from “some world” and is stranded.

Here's the best impression of Kojima's crazy storytelling that I can do, based on the trailer and what he's said there. I think the beached sealife carries a strong environmentalist theme, and that the state of our environment will be at stake, and that it will be our fault somehow. I think we never see how the umbilical cord is connected because it's a total bait and switch. The scar on the man's stomach is already long healed, they were never connected to each other, he didn't give man-birth.

Now, you might immediately think supernatural, that the "some world" is the afterlife or purgatory because of the imagery, but as I said before I don't think that's concrete enough for Kojima. I think he's evoking Evangelion here more than anything, and that the story will be firmly science fiction, albeit fantastical and nonsensical science fiction that has religious symbolism in it because why not. Personally, I'm thinking aliens of some kind. First contact.

Let's assume what one of the posters above me said is true, that somebody found evidence that the dog tags have formulas about gravity in relation to black holes (my google fu is failing me, I can't find anything about this). This is Earth (or a human colony on another planet) in the far, far future, after interstellar travel has been invented perhaps. Scientists create a miniature black hole, hoping to use it as an energy source despite the dangers (environmentalist theme, bam). This is not QUITE as crazy as it sounds, I've heard actual scientists talk about this in highly theoretical terms.

A quick aside to talk about cetacean mass stranding. There are, from what I can tell, many theories, but one sticks out as something that would make for a good environmentalist story: the sound pressure waves from human sonar and offshore oil drillling is bursting their sinus cavities and preventing them from being able to dive and navigate.

I think our miniature black hole was like a "sonar" that stranded a "pod" of five alien beings (the floating figures in the sky), just like whales, that they use the radiation emitted from black holes to navigate space, or themselves emit this radiation, and our artificially created one destroyed their navigation and trapped them here.

I think these aliens, perhaps, feed off the iron emitted from stars and an immediate source of iron is in the blood of living creatures, hence the umbilical cords jammed into everything. For whatever reason, perhaps because of our humanoid shape, the aliens use humans as a means to reproduce rather than a food source (there's an episode of Star Trek: TNG where Geordi has something like this happen to him). The large hand-prints on the sand at the beginning are the infant's mother, the man's wife, after she has been turned, coming to say goodbye to her baby while she still has some vague awareness of self. The empty handcuff was attached to his wife, a desperate attempt to keep hold of her even though she already had a cord implanted in her and they knew how this would end. She was pregnant when he fell asleep, and when he awoke to find her gone and an infant present he knew what happened, and grieved for his wife. He knew the cord meant the child would soon be gone too, although he was surprised at how sudden it was, it didn't affect him for long. The hand-prints all over the man are from other people who were with him on the beach, also with cords in them, who desperately held onto him after they were first turned, before losing their sense of self. The man doesn't get turned as well because he was in an accident years ago that required extensive surgery (the scar), and now has synthetic organs that pump artificial blood, making him useless to the aliens, who ignore him, although he probably has no idea that's why he's been spared.

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@horseman6: Didn't go to college, actually. You have anything of substance to say, or are you just going to throw trite ad hominems around?

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@assumedkilla: I probably wouldn't vote for Gary Johnson, because libertarians are batshit insane, but I can't deny that he would at least be better than Trump because who knows what the hell Trump even stands for or what he'll do, not to mention the violence and xenophobia he legitimizes with every second of air time he gets. Jill Stein wants to ban GMOs which is just stupid, but otherwise is pretty much lock-step with what I want afaik. I'd be ecstatic to have her as president. The shitty thing is that the republicans are so ridiculously far to the right, and the democrats, by European standards, are barely to the left at all. At best they're moderate republicans. Bernie was the first candidate I've felt actually represented my views at all, even in a very general sense.

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@chrissedoff: Holy shit dude. I've always rolled my eyes at anti-GMO people, but I've never heard anybody bring up patents. The implications of that make my fucking head spin. That's terrifying.

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@turambar: Was about to say the same thing. Telling people they should just vote for a third party is telling them to throw their vote away. Maybe that's not a big deal in some elections, but in one where Trump is running it's insanity.

@jakob187: Gary Johnson sucks. He loves private prisons. Private prisons are what led to us having the highest incarceration rate in the world. He also doesn't think insurance companies should pay for birth control and that government healthcare is "insanity." He literally said, "I view government in the same way as philosopher Ayn Rand," and gave his fiancee Atlas Shrugged to explain his politics. Atlas goddamn Shrugged. Libertarians are insane. No thank you.

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Nothing's going to change in 5-10 years. Robotics just isn't that advanced yet. In 100-200 years though? I suspect by then probably 80% of jobs will be done by robots. What we do about that is kind of up to us. We can let our people starve in the streets because they don't have a job, or we can finally start a government provided minimum basic income.

I'm actually writing a novel right now that's many hundreds of years in the future on a terraformed Mars, and deals with this exact thing. They've set up a basic income that's enough to live off of, but not do much else. To move up in the world you have to create art of some kind, and have it do well. Views on everything you do is tracked, and when somebody shares or reposts something you've made, it's still yours, those views still count towards your view count, and you get paid for that. People who pump out shallow, easy content and get tons of views is a huge cultural and economic discussion going on at all times, some people think it's unfair, others not. The protagonist doesn't have a creative bone in his body, hates the system, and idolizes old Earthen history even though he's never left Mars.

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@horseman6: You do kind of have a point with the economy, I mean a president's actions do matter some, especially how they respond to a recession and imminent depression, which Obama had to do, but yeah. You couldn't be more wrong about the healthcare system though. Me and my girlfriend can actually afford insurance now, and I'm grateful for that. For once a president actually did something that significantly impacted my life and the people I know positively. Real change fucking happened, it was unbelievable. The law contains hundreds of provisions, it certainly doesn't just "require all people to have insurance." To even say that is beyond stupid. It's not perfect, of course, but nothing short of a single-payer system can be.

And when, exactly, was this the land of opportunity? Was it before FDR, when child labor was legal and worker's rights didn't exist? The 60s, 70s? Maybe the 50s, when Jim Crow was still in full effect? The 80s when the US started it's slide towards laissz-faire economic polices (that sure worked out well...), and a crack epidemic was in full swing? Back when white people didn't even have to be competent to get a job over a person of color perhaps? I don't think things were ever as great as you think they were, every time period has had it's own horrendous problems.

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Since Bernie is pretty much out, I'm absolutely voting against Trump more than I am voting for Hillary. Hell, before Bernie that's just how it was, no politician has actually represented my views or convinced me that they're going to do what's right and what's necessary. You vote for the lesser of two evils, everyone knows this.

I suspect having Hillary for president will be pretty much the same as having Obama as president, which was fine all things considered. He got the economy back on track, took the necessary awkward first step towards a sensible healthcare system like every other civilized country has, fought for gay rights, etc. Of course he also signed off on indefinite detention without charge or trial which is disgustingly wrong, but that's something any republican would probably do in a heartbeat and I'm not convinced most other democrats would've said no either in this current terrorist fear mongering climate, so we were kind of fucked from the start there. Idk, politics suck, no president comes out the other side looking like a good person.

No one else was in the room where it happened, the room where it happened...

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In most survival situations you're supposed to stay put so people can find you anyway, so I'd want my arms over my legs. Also there was an episode of Survivorman where the pretense is that he was in a plane crash and he tried having one arm in a sling like it was broken since you'd probably be injured in that situation, and he eventually had to give up the sling and use both arms because it was too hard. If Les Stroud can't even survive with one arm broken how am I supposed to survive with both of them broken?