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I just want to say thank you so much for this. My external hard drive just died and all my giantbomb stuff went with it. I wasn't looking forward to navigating the site for it, since all you can do is bring up a drop-down menu and not a page full of results (which is dumb guys, come on now). Also I recorded all the stuff they played on the friday shows myself in the filenames, and I'm VERY glad I don't have to do that by manually skipping through the shows again. Totally donated, and I don't do that very often cause I be poor as hell. Seriously, thank you. You made the horror that is losing a hard drive a lot less painful.

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I recently downloaded that Playstation Allstars game because it was free for PS+ members and, while I really like how it plays (big smash bros fan), I think the win condition of having to land a super absolutely ruins the game. Certain characters just obviously have easier to land supers, and I wish there was an option to have health bar instead.

Anyway, my disappointment with that is kind of making me want to get into a more traditional fighting game, despite not really having much experience with them. I would just play smash bros, but the only person I really have to play with right now is my gf and she refuses to play smash bros with me because I have years of experience at it that she doesn't have, which is a fair point. Any "real" fighting games on the PSN or XBLA store that the GB community can recommend that don't put too much emphasis on memorizing combos and are at least somewhat "pick up and play" friendly for a couple of non-fighting-game people? My favorite thing about smash bros is that it's all about positioning and timing and there are no combos to memorize (I'm one of those "crazy" people, as Jeff would say, who plays on final destination with no items 95% of the time), and while I realize every other fighting game in the world is not at all like smash, I know that some are more combo-heavy than others and I have no idea which are which.

I was thinking maybe one of the King of Fighters games as I played Mark of the Wolves a little bit as a kid and I love the look of all those SNK games, or maybe Samurai Showdown? I have no idea how combo-heavy either are though. I also vaguely remember liking Tekken as a kid, but I haven't played one since playstation one days so I have no idea how I'll feel about it now.

Thanks a bunch!

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For what it's worth I've tried pretty much every free to play MMO under the sun, and a couple paid ones as well. The only MMO that ever hooked me was City of Heroes, which is now shut down. Since then the only thing that has come close is Star Trek Online, which I think is a fantastic game, but idk that a person could get into it if they didn't care at all about Star Trek.

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I think they improved the sequel in a lot of ways. Some of them honestly took some getting used to. They were off-putting at first and probably were for a lot of fans of the first game. Stuff like the healing being over time, the split between lifegem consumables and estus, the animation changes, etc. And that was a huge risk I'm glad they took because the game was better for it.

I don't understand people who like Demon's Souls the most though. Can somebody explain why? Because honestly, while I haven't played too much of Demon's Souls I watched a buddy run through it in a day and I watched brad play through it on here so I feel like I've seen enough of it to say I don't think it's as good as Dark Souls on a basic design level. The level design and bosses are just...not very good, imo. The jump from that game to DS 1 was a huge one. Way bigger than the one from DS 1 to 2. It was almost like a demo of an idea. It was the Assassin's Creed to Dark Souls' Assassin's Creed II. But some people really love it -shrug-

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Absolute best thing IMO is Drew's North Korea trip. Other than that, I really enjoyed watching Dave play Dwarf Fortress, and watching the breaking brad's for Spelunky and DMC.

Bioforge was awesome. There have been some great unprofessional fridays. The Skyrim Marathon Pre-Show where Dave and Ryan/Alexis play four hours of Morrowind and then 2-ish hours of Oblivion to send off Greg Kasavin's Skyrim marathon was pretty cool.

Recently, there was Vinny picking back up his Dark Souls save. More of that needs to happen. They should force him to beat the rest of the game. He's not that far away and he has a really good weapon. Just need to got get Havel's set for tons of poise and most bosses shouldn't be too hard.

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The way people are getting so worked up makes me lol. Yes it's fucked up for women to pay more, but it also makes total sense when health insurance is a private business, as it is in the US. Private health insurance is the problem, not some massive sexist conspiracy. Hell, the way things are in this country right now, all you women should thank the heavens that maternity leave still exists in some form, and that even if it doesn't your employer won't fire you for having a baby. That's the kinda shit that's going on in Japan right now, and guess what happened? Women stopped getting married and having kids, and now Japan has a shrinking population that has turned into a national crisis.

Capitalism and business do not play well with the human reproductive cycle. It's so fucked. Everything is so fucked. I wish we could all live in Sweden. Goddammit.

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This has hit me harder than anything since my mother passed away when I was in the 2nd grade, and I didn't even know Ryan personally. But honestly, I did know him. I know all of you guys. It's a creepy one-way street sort of relationship, but through your videos and podcasts I really feel like I know all of you. It's not like, say, a let's player on youtube, or an actor, etc. I've watched hundreds of hours of you guys talking with each other and just being yourselves, and I feel like I just lost a friend.

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  1. Orcs Must Die! 2 - 32hrs
  2. Torchlight II - 26hrs
  3. Civ V - 14hrs
  4. Bastion - 7hrs
  5. Hotline Miami - 5hrs

....it's pretty obvious I'm mostly a console gamer...

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@gogosox82: I've actually put quite a bit of time into Torchlight II. I like it a lot, but I'm kinda burnt out. I'll probably go back to it soon though. I wish the skill system was a little more like what D3 did though. I love almost everything else about the game, but I hate dinging and not feeling like I got anything out of it because I just put one more meaningless point into a skill that needs a bajillion points to show a difference.

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Hey fellow bombers!

I've gotten out of gaming a lot since I was younger. I spend most of my free time reading now, as I am 97 years old on the inside. Past month or so I've been feeling really nostalgic about gaming though and in such a gaming mood, but I'm SO picky now that I'm having trouble finding games that will actually hold my interest. I've been scouring steam and good old games this weekend and I'm coming up so empty that it makes me angry. So I'm counting on my favorite gaming community to give me a helping hand.

Here's what I've been able to get really into lately:

  • Orcs Must Die! (1 & 2)
  • Hotline Miami
  • Bastion
  • Thief Trilogy
  • Civilization V

In some cases, even games that I know I like I wind up only playing for like 15 min chunks. My friend got me Dishonored for my bday and I've barely played it. I bought PoP: Forgotten Sands and I've barely played it. I like both of them. Idk what the problem is. Maybe I've developed adult onset ADD.

So yeah. Any recs you can give would be appreciated. Preferably something for PC, old or new. Just not something that's super intensive (Can't run Witcher 2, for instance, which sucks becuase I've wanted to play that for the longest). I also have a PS3, but I'd be thoroughly surprised if you could suggest a game for it that I haven't considered already. No Xbox sadly.

The two main things that seem to get me hooked on games these days are:

  • Tight, fast controls (Hotline Miami, Bastion, SMB, Infamous, etc.)
  • Lots of choices for strategies/builds/loadouts and such (Bastion weapons/spirits, Diablo clones, Orcs Must Die loadouts/trap layouts, ALL of Civ V, etc.)

And games that have both of those, like Orcs Must Die or Bastion, just sink their teeth into me SO hard. I wish there was a Bastion 2 for me to play right now. Le sigh.

Ready, set, go! =)