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It's never to late for Gears 3. I am also up for this: davidininwrofy - add me!

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@ProfessorK: Hey, can you add me to the table? I'm davidinwrofy, gamertag davidinwrofy

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The campaign is only a small part of the overall experience for me because I have spent 99% of my time with the game playing Versus and Horde online. If that's how you play the game, there can be little doubt that Gears 3 is by far the best in the trilogy.

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@Unknown_Pleasures: What, this guy has been banned? He was a legend!

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I am very interested in doing this. I'm still on Gears all the time. Add me: my tag is davidinwrofy

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Yup, I think it's the most in any game. According to a posting over on gamefaqs, these are the final 250 achievements: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/991468-gears-of-war-3/62198375

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This happened to me, too. And I have never played Mass Effect: I'm a Gearshead. I would be lying if I claimed not to care about my Gamerscore because I do. A lot. Anyway, I recovered (or downloaded, as it is now known) my Gamertag and the Achievements re-appeared. This also worked for my sister. However, I have heard it has not worked for some people. Let's hope Microsoft get on top of this asap. This is extremely serious for any hardcore Xbox gamer.

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I know what you mean about Public games: I gave up on those a while ago and I usually play in private games now. So, I'd be very happy to join the two of you in a Horde game. Add me on Live: I'm davidinwrofy

If you're in a Private Game when I come online, I will join if there are still spaces.

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@JTB123: Could someone give me the source for the claim that this is the last Gears 3 DLC? When and where did Epic or Rod Ferguson actually say this? And did they say actually no more map packs, no more single player DLC or no more DLC period?

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@WalkerTR77: My intention was to link up a few people who are on Gears a lot and like a challenge from the get-go in Horde, who wanted to play Horde for an hour or two, just whenever there are three or four of us online. I wasn't planning it as an epic half-day "event", as such, but that could happen at the weekend, if we fancied going all the way to wave 50! I will add you and edit the first post with people's GTs.