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Thanks for getting that ad removed @wemmick!

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Having the same problem for Safari iOS. The ad auto redirects to some free app download page everytime I try and view the site. Banner ads are totally cool but this is a bit of a pain in the butt.

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The arena does seem pretty tough. I've had a lot more success with tricky stages by trying some different items from the shop, so far throwing knives and bombs have made a HUGE difference. Hiring the mercenaries every now and again can be a great way to give yourself a little room to breathe and sneak around for a back stab or two.

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Great information here! The link to the beginners guides by Nigma are especially helpful. I've been playing for a few months and starting to really get into it, persistance is definitely the key.

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@Vorbis said:

It won't be released alongside Skyrim and Dark Souls, this is good news.

Very good point, it would be terrible to see it lost in the rpg buzz of the holiday season.

I hope that the legal issues don't turn into an enormous problem for CD Projekt RED.

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Come on Australia, we're almost at 700!!

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@Ghostiet: @Tennmuerti: Chapter 2 will definitely have some pretty tough parts, I want to focus on magic this time so being stripped of all magic skills for a good chunk of the second act doesn't sound like much fun.

I'm starting to lean towards playing it on hard for the second play through and might come back to it after that..

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A place for people to share their experiences with the insane difficulty level.

I finished The Witcher 2 on normal a week or so after it came out and after a short break decided to play through again on insane. After a two attempts to get past the prologue I made it into Chapter One pretty comfortably and really enjoyed how on edge this difficulty level forces you to be. I just had my third death around ten hours in trying to complete "In the Claws of Madness" which is just dripping with irony.

I was just wondering how other people have fared on insane? So far there is only one guy on the site with the Madman achievement so I guess anyone else who's trying this is finding it equally challenging.

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I would be really excited if this was brought in as well. It is only a small annoyance but would make the overall experience of watching videos perfect!