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Hey guys, I'm thinking of a Bombcast where Jeff brings up My Strange Addiction, namely the episode about the guy who loves eating plastic. Anybody know what I'm talking about? Thanks!

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Is this actually live? I keep refreshing the live show page and it still says "OFFLINE" in the top left. My membership just lapsed, but I was under the impression this was non-premium.

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He tried melting egg shells. I love this son of a bitch.

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Dan unwittingly marked himself down as a professional driver. I'm really sorry man, but that's the funniest thing I'm going to read all day. Bless your heart.

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I wonder if this thread title is even accurate anymore. Since Jason was hired Drew has been really outspoken and assertive on the Bombcast. Never thought having an underling would turn Drew into an alpha male...

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I can't remember if this was from the Bombcast or a Quick Look, but somebody described a game as "if Jeff Minter had discovered _____ instead of llamas." Anyone have any idea of what I'm talking about?

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Keep in mind that Skyward Sword isn't an awful game in the grand scheme of things. There have certainly been much worse games. But when you have The Legend of Zelda attached to your title, you have a high standard to meet, because it's the series that created that standard.

All in all, it's a thoroughly mediocre game, and for a Zelda game that's bad.

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Wait, were people actually disappointed that it wasn't Dark Souls or Skyrim? Because if I remember the Internet chatter at the time of its release, it just wasn't up to the standards of the Zelda series.

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I thought it looked great. I know a few people were denouncing the aesthetic leading up to the game's release, but impressionism isn't a style you often see in big polygonal games so I was happy to see it in use.

Everything else, though, geez... It was a thoroughly mediocre game. I think it had some great hooks--Skyloft was a beautiful environment I loved exploring, and it's one of the few games in the franchise to really flesh out Link and Zelda's relationship, and on paper 1-to-1 swordfighting is a great concept. But it almost completely fumbles in practice.

The motion controls were wonky, turning Link's sword arm into this floppy, occasionally lethal mass that was difficult to get a fix on. It made me realize the format's limitations, and how I'm quite happy just to hit a button to slash. Neither was it good at conveying useful info. Rather, it conveyed it at the wrong times: the opening couple hours of the game were a drudge to get through because you had to wade through so much tutorial dialogue that the average Zelda player already knows. And then when you're finally out in the world, there are these counter-intuitive puzzles and challenges that Fi will give you barely any help with. Make fun of Navi all you want, but at least she could lend a hand when needed.

And it just wasn't fun to play. It made me miss rolling around. Now the only way to effectively get around fast for a lengthy period is to time your sprinting or at least aim at the right targets mid-run.

Lastly, Nintendo went so out of their way to write the ultimate origin story for the Zelda universe that they totally ignored the simplicity of Ocarina's story. I mean, at least we know what the red bird on the Hylian shield means, as if that ever needed explaining.

I appreciate that Nintendo tried to switch things up and overhaul the gameplay. It's just that the changes weren't really good. A Link Between Worlds was much more successful in this regard, and the 2015 game seems to be heading in the right direction. To date, it's the only Zelda game I ended up selling off because it just wasn't good, and furthermore I wasted more money by getting the required Motion Plus Wiimote. At least I burned the excellent soundtrack CD it came bundled with before I sold it.

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I need to set aside some time for this latest Sequelitis, but I'm glad to hear someone else criticizing Skyward Sword. I think if I had heard more criticism before I wouldn't have spent $60 on that game and even more for a Wiimote Plus. Well, at least it came with that awesome orchestral CD.

I actually really appreciate the Sequelitis stuff, learning about intuitive rather than explicit tutorials. I think it's difficult to relay that information in a modern (read: fully polygonal, analogue controls, nonlinear environments) game, because there really is just so much more going on. I think there's a happy medium between implicit and explicit tutorials, but for now I can't begrudge certain games for leaning more heavily on the latter. Already I'm thinking of ways Batman: Arkham City could have more subtly taught the player certain moves, but there's just too much nuance.