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I would love, love, love it if he wrote a comedic collection of anecdotes called Tales from the Compound about his quasi-shady exploits living with a bunch of other people last decade, what with the violent parties and turned over cars and police raids. When he has spoken about that part of his life he's always relayed it in an engaging and intriguing manner. He knows how to structure and deliver information in a way that's just naturally funny.

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Alex has become my favourite member of the crew in the last year. His criticism is always on point, and he always surprises me with one bit of knowledge or another. I can't understate how funny he is, either; his Twitter feed has had me guffawing at points. Giant Bomb would be lesser without him.

I wrote about my own struggles with anxiety--through the lens of Alien: Isolation--here. I hope it might be of help to other sufferers.

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Why is everyone talking about Cara Elison, where did that come from?

She's a super good, super funny games writer who has made numerous appearances on the site, gets on very well with the crew (especially Alex and Vinny), has applied here previously, can speak at least some Japanese and is knowledgeable about a lot of aspects of games and gaming culture. She's an obvious candidate.

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Jeff stated earlier this year that GB is doing really well financially. I wouldn't be surprised if they could support another staff member

Honestly the way chat reacts when Mary Kish appears, or the super creepy following of Sarah Lima, and with how much shit they got after the Dan/Jason hiring and then the GG response... I don't know.

If anything that's a BIGGER incentive to hire someone who isn't another straight, cisgendered white guy. The proper response to systemic sexism isn't to flinch and withdraw, it's to fight back and attempt to improve things. Don't let the bigots feel satisified that their whims will be catered to.

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Please please please I hope Cara applies and gets this. She has fantastic insight on a wide variety of facets of gaming culture and gets along so well with the crew. She'd be a perfect fit.

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It's too bad that Exists is such a disappointment, because Sanchez's earlier movie, Lovely Molly, is hands down one of the best horror movies I've ever seen, a worthy successor to Blair Witch, and among the scariest things ever.

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@demoskinos: No. Only GamerGate has been consistently guilty of this. Don't buy into their false equivocation.

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This isn't drama. Peoples lives are being threatened, their bodies targeted for rape. A few people have quit their careers rather than put up with this awful abuse. Zoe and Anita are working with the FBI to put their abusers in jail. This isn't some trivial Twitter spat. This is hurting people.

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Yes, I do. This is the industry they report on, whose cultural issues they examine. This is absolutely something they should be writing about.

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Going on two months now. Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian are still putting up with this shit, still working with the FBI to prosecute their abusers. Brianna Wu and her husband had to flee their home. And major gaming sites are terrifyingly silent.