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Like Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze and the other villains who don't appear in Arkham Knight, I figure they either chose not to participate or wisely got the hell out of Dodge.

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I wish I knew how to make GIFs, because this could be way better, but Austin and Jeff's shared incredulous glance during the "Mechanical Apartheid" bit of the Deus Ex presentation was amazing.

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Man if this is the reaction to Austin waxing about post-apocalyptic fiction, I dread how people are going to respond when he brings up racial issues in games and other things that actually matter.

Good on you, Austin. You've been working, what, three days and you feel like you've been at Giant Bomb a long time. :)

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Also here's an essay he wrote on abuse in Gone Home. It's super good and now I'm going back through all of his stuff.

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After seeing this, I feel safe saying that Alex has the best Twitter game of all.

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Honestly, this is so, so sad. Years ago, Chuck Klosterman suggested part of the reasons games weren't considered art was because few if any critics approached them as such. I thought deeper critique of the medium was pretty much impossible until I discovered Cara's writing. Her "Gaming Made Me" piece about playing Tomb Raider as a young girl and all her S.Exe stuff completely reshaped how I thought people could write about games. I don't believe she and Leigh Alexander knew each other personally but their respective work was so fantastic you'd think they were trying to outdo the other.

Regardless, it's obvious that Embed With, GamerGate and her recent hand injury took a great toll on her (she actually almost lost her hand). I hope she gets some much-needed rest and finds something new and fulfilling.

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Alex. He harnesses sadness and despair in a paradoxically hilarious way.

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@sasnake: Thankfully, people can be diverse AND talented. It's not an either/or.

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Okay guys, here's an uncomfortable truth: as great as Giant Bomb is, and and as interesting and insightful as its personalities are, the makeup of the crew is simply not representative of gaming demographics anymore. Look at the latest stats. Women make up half of the gaming population--and before you knock a portion of them for casual/mobile players, those games count and are covered by the site. There are a lot of people of colour in the larger gaming community. There are a lot of gay, by and trans gaming enthusiasts. Other sites have recognized this: you can bash Polygon, Kotaku, Offworld all you want, but the makeup of their staffs and contributors actually reflect modern demographics.

I see a bunch of people saying "it doesn't matter who they hire, as long as they're good." You have to understand how much it means for a woman/POC/LGBT person to see someone like them on the staff of a site they frequent. Not only does it feel tremendous to be represented to some degree, but it means that issues that are important to them are more likely to be raised. And before you get up in arms about issues/politics, those things are inseparable from entertainment and need to be addressed rather than swept under the rug. GamerGate happened because misogyny in the gaming community--a huge issue--reached a flashpoint. That didn't happen in a vacuum. We need to have people actively discussing and criticizing these things if they're not going to happen again in the future.

It's certainly shitty that Dan and Jason got some of the brunt of that hiring criticism, but also remember that Maddy Myers, Samantha Allen and others were HARASSED because of their criticism of Giant Bomb. And before someone whips out a "no true Scotsman" fallacy, these harassers were members of the GB community and were,unfortunately, representative of some of the attitudes I've seen here.

It may not matter to some of you gets hired, but I can safely bet that a good portion of you saying that are straight/cis white men, and you're used to seeing people like you represented en masse throughout the games press. Forget about yourself for a moment and realize it matters to others.

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I generally enjoy Danswers but the Samantha episode was hands down one of the best things ever uploaded to this site. I don't think I'd listened to anything so moving on Giant Bomb since the "wake" episode of the Bombcast after Ryan's death.