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Pandorum isn't high art in any way but it's a damn fun movie. I actually thought it executed on its premise and themes much better than Event Horizon.

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Is 4 supposed to be Vinny or Dan?

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I swear, there's a thread every couple months about whether Jeff's jaded or not.

In my opinion, no. He has idiosyncratic tastes, and I don't agree with half of them, but he's arrived at them after decades in the industry. And he still expresses enthusiasm for a lot of games, including Shovel Knight, so he's not "jaded."

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@patrickklepek: Will people stop complaining once games come out again? I feel like half the reason this issue is as big as it is is because nothing's out. It's a distraction when people need one.

Also, do people seem way more sensitive now than say 2008? I've been listening to old Bombcast's and the duders tone is totally different than it is now. Lots of semi blatant sexism, a lot of references to 'girlfriend games', etc.

1. I think that rudely minimalizes the trauma people like Zoe, Anita, Jenn et al have been through. It's not a distraction to them.

2. Six years is a lot of time for people to experience other perspectives, reevaluate their attitudes, and grow. I think the staff is above that now.

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The whole situation is a nightmare - it's basically just a bunch of scumbags out to ruin people. The fact that they are connected to gaming is probably irrelevant to them. The fact that any sort of "movement" is attached to is just something they are using to hide within to justify their actions.

That being said - I will criticize the way @patrickklepek and @alex have handled this. If you don't want to talk about it on the site - don't. Beating around the bush for 20 minutes makes for terrible listening/viewing. If you want to just leave it to your twitter and tumblr and consider it a personal issue then go for it. If you want to talk or write about it here - please bring it on. But half-stepping does a disservice to both the issue and your audience.

As much as I do respect Patrick and Alex for the comments they have made, including in this thread, I have to agree: Giant Bomb as a whole has remained silent on the subject of this recent wave of harassment, and it's let some of the rotten opinions seen in this thread and others fester. While it's good that Alex has voiced a no-tolerance policy that needs to be written about front and centre on the site, not just in a Tumblr, Tweet or comment thread.

Can one or two of the staff please write something on this?

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@the_reflection: If all you really want is to hate on a specific website, like, aren't there better things to want in life?

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Unexpected friendships are the best. Dan and Drew are the Gimli and Legolas of Giant Bomb, respectively.

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She's making a case for the FBI, so it's really pointless to discuss what is and what isn't substantiated. Like, the actual fucking feds are deciding that. That's how serious it got.

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Zoe's ex-boyfriend, the one who started all of this, can be seen coaching in at least one of those screengrabs. He could be in some serious legal trouble when this dies down.