Persona 4 Update!(Finally)

I said I was going to update my progress in persona 4 weekly, but instead I just never did it. I got it many many months ago, but I was too busy with pledging and school and the like to finish it yet. I'm on break until August 9th (and have been since May 1st), so I have plenty of free time. I am currently over 50 hours into Persona 4! Wow! I'm amazed I've stuck with this game for so long, and that I've loved it like crazy. I'm glad I stopped watching the Endurance Run so most of the game would be a surprise, but now I'm trying to go back through the Endruance Run to see how the team reacts to some of my favorite moments. 
Spoilers will follow 

I just rescued Nanako. I did it with only a few days left before the fog, which was a change from the two dungeons before that. Btw, the Void Quest was an awesomely designed dungeon, even if the 7th floor was a bitch. It sucked so hard coming home from a hard day of hanging out with Rise and being greeted with that creepy music instead of Nanako's trademark "Welcome home, big bro!". She's still in the hospital at the moment, so I still come home lonely. 
Social Link wise, I've completed Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Rise, Devil Nurse, Housewife, Nanako, Dojima, and possibly a couple others. I went the girlfriend route with all the females so far, which sometimes I feel kinda bad about, but honestly that's the coolest route. When I New Game + it I'm gonna go friends with everyone except for Naoto (since I'll probably not even start her Social Link in this playthrough). Hell, I just started Kanji's social link. My favorite Social Link so far has probably been Rise's, but Chie's was so long ago that I've mostly forgotten it. And since I just recently replaced her with Teddie on my team, I feel a little bad :(.
Anyways, the other day I punted a tank. It reminded me of Giantbomb in every single way. That was probably one of my favorite moments of the game. The "Miss Yasogami" contest was great, but I'm pissed stupid Teddie won. Whoever dressed me sucked. I chose Naoto to win the girl version of the contest because I thought it would help me get a S. Link. Surrrre didn't. Umm again I was so hardcore about saving Nanako because I was legitimately mad about the suspect kidnapping my little sister! I knew Naoto was a girl the first time I saw her so that wasn't shocking to me. Teddie's boss fight was amazing. I was surprised I beat the boss in Nanako's dungeon on my first try without filling up my Sp (I had to use a Soma though). I made some awesome Persona's like Anubis and Cerberus, and a few of the Persona's with quad fusion and greater. Yosuke is kind of a douche. Kanji has become one of my favorite characters. Too bad I never use him or hang out with him. 
Anyways, this was just an update from me. I was reading through someone's blogs and it somehow reminded me of this. Typing all of this really makes me want to go play some more. I'm just waiting for the fog to clear. There's nothing i can do until the suspect recovers...