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There's only one true "Enter the Matrix" game, and it was incredible.

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Heavy Rain also had the awesome "Jason" button. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories also had a Cheryl button.

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There's nothing wrong with playing an aggro deck in any TCG. A person playing an aggro decks knows that they'll either hit the cards they need to get a quick win by round 4 or 5, or they won't hit the cards they'll need (or their opponent will hit their cards) and they will just lose. Games like this are always heavily influenced by chance, as sometimes just getting a single lucky draw can completely change the course of the game. For people new to games of this type that can be VERY frustrating, but once you play games like this for a while you'll get used to quick wins/losses vs. aggro and bullshit long game losses and wins vs. control. All TCGs are imbalanced towards people who spend more money on the game, that's kind of the point. It's not necessarily wrong (as you have to spend money on the game for it to stay alive), but don't expect a 100% balanced product when someone can buy 10 booster packs and you can't afford it.

Edit: BTW, if you can't tell I'm a Magic player and I understand your pain. Aggro can be annoying to play against and to play with , depending on the situation.

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a reality check

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After hours of research, I have determined that Pokemon Snap is WAY, WAY better than Metro 2033.

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I too was hoping to pick up the PS1 Classics for my future vita.

Does anyone know if there is a master list of what is compatible and what isn't in terms of ps1 classics for the Vita?

I found an old listing on IGN, but it doesn't look like it's been updated in over a month.

The best way is to use the Vita web store to buy the PSOne Classics. It will automatically filter out the ones that only work on the PSP. Otherwise, just double/triple check each title you are thinking of purchasing to make sure it says "PS VITA".

[Kind of off topic, but from what I've experienced so far, trying to play Gex on the Vita is a terrible idea]

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Koromaru, plz

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I just hope you handle the material appropriately, and show everyone that soda cans aren't just objects.

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If you can get past some of the questionable content in Conception II its actually a pretty great game. The female characters are all general anime archetypes and have yet to advance past that in my playthrough, but I don't think the general consensus of "The characters in this game are only useful for reproduction" is really fair, the game just obviously found a strange way for you to create your party and used classmating as a framing device for it.

Anyways try playing like Eternal Sonata or something. You need a Ps3.

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In the past four years I have bought Persona 4 Arena on launch day. That's it, unless you count things like Rogue Legacy and Ittle Dew...