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This thread is full of win. And yeah, Paul, he is so intriguing. I can't stop looking at him. Is that ok?

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Snowboard Kids/Snowboard Kids 2. My god I was amazing at the second one. 80% of the reason I still have my N64 is to play that game.

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Not even Doom music could make this thread not full of pretentious assholes. 
I've never beat the original Final Fantasy on NES, so I guess that just makes me some asshole who isn't allowed to judge RPGs, right? I've never played Doom 1 at all, so I guess when I like FPS shooters I don't really "understand" them. That's how you and a few others in this thread are coming off, at least to me. However, is Doom important? Fuck yeah. Is it influential? No shit. But to insinuate that not playing through it without cheats means you don't understand it is a logical fallacy. Just saying something doesn't make it true. I've never beat Starcraft: (Well, Brood War) without cheats, but it's probably my favorite game of all time behind Chrono Trigger.

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No campaign co-op equals :(.

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@ArchScabby said:
" You turn into an amusement park. "
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Today I made my own pizza, and it was fucking delicious. There's something rewarding about making something yourself, and pizza is no exception. I loaded it with pepperonis and sauce, didn't use too much cheese, and baked until golden brown. Yum! 
So, have you ever made your own pizza? And how much better was it than Pizza Hut or Dominos?

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@Elazul said:
" Hell no! My car gets forty rods to the hogshead and that's the way I likes it! "
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@RJay_64 said:
" Maybe if someone rapped about video games I'd like them "
Mc Chris.
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@Ace829 said:
" @riffingt0n said:
" Can't they just like, redo the call and fix it?  "
They're apparently discussing that now.  I hope they make the right decision and reverse that one.  The only people in favor of not reviewing this seem to be folks who feel this kind of human error adds to baseball in some way, which is a pretty poor argument. "
Not surprisingly, Bud Selig still has his head up his ass. I just remembered why I don't watch as much baseball as I used to. Because there is a complete moron at the commissioners position. No wonder baseball has had a steady decline since the witchhunt of the steroid era. "
Selig is a joke. He's single-handedly responsible for baseballs falling popularity.
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I love the vagueness of the title.