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For non-Premium users there really isn't a lot of content. I watch most of the quicklooks and that's about it. I used to be a big Patrick fan, but other the past few months I have soured on him really heavily. I also have 0 interest in anything Dark/Demon Soul's related so there isn't any incentive to subscribe.

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Koudelka is awesome. I mean, it's kinda pretty bad, but it's awesome! It's awesome in a Rule of Rose sort of way, but really bad and unfun in a Rule of Rose sort of way.

Don't play Rule of Rose Mr. King, you won't like it. It doesn't have any of the RPG stuff that Koudelka has, but it does have a super interesting premise and a mostly good story. And some... classic cutscenes.

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I'll check it out when it goes on sale

can i have ur autograph

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Most of the things you say go completely against what I was taught in HR class, but more importantly it goes against everything that I learned from my time as a Supervisor in college. It's incredibly hard to get a job. People with Master's degrees are cashiers at restaurants making $10/hr. It's hard to get a job with little experience, and it's hard to get experience without a job.

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@mumrik said:

Is Patrick just 75% of Giant Bomb for people who don't bite on the premium bait? I feel like GB does a lot of what they hate about the DLC culture in games these days...

Yeah, its just Patrick and quicklooks.

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And something has just now come to mind: the guy in the article whose name I am far too lazy to look up feels sorry for people who pay more because they bought just before a sale. What about the inverse, though? What's his opinion on somebody who just now found out about this game and has to pay a higher price because they were a day late?

You should tweet that question or something to him. Honestly, I don't think he actually cares about any of this. It's got him a TON of free publicity for his game.

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@video_game_king: Probably does! As long as the tutorial (or however the game explains its mechanics to you) is fun and interesting its not an issue though. It's only an issue if the developer can't find a way to introduce the mechanics and the fundamentals in a way that is entertaining.

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As someone who grew up in a Mormon household I found this play absolutely hilarious. It's certainly not the first time the South Park guys have made fun of Mormonism (the South Park episode about Mormons is by far my favorite one, even though when I saw it I still went to church and all that), but they always portray Mormons as nice and gentle people (which is true) who are a little overzealous. I went to church for 13 years and still don't understand the "Kolob" jokes (never once mentioned in primary school, we were taught that when you died you were placed in one of three heavenly "planes" based on your deeds on Earth) but mostly it was pretty funny and sadly accurate. Though I am an atheist now I still credit my Mormon upbringing for a lot of my morals. I would never suggest that my family watches this (as they are much more sensitive than I ever was about my faith), but there's certainly some lessons to learn.

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Some one posted earilier about how Rohrer said that people complained about his game when they only played it for 2 hours "not passing the tutoral" if your game has a turotal thats longer than an hour or so that is more of the desginer's fault, not someone who took a chance and bought your game for 2 bucks.

Who said that long tutorials were a bad thing? Resonance of Fate frontloads the hell out of its tutorials, and it systems are harder to understand because of it. If you have complex systems to deal with, then it makes sense to show the player bits and pieces of the game over a long period of time rather than getting it all out of the way as fast as possible.

Long tutorials result in a large barrier to entry, as well as typically being tedious and dull. Some games do tutorials really well, but many don't. The reason long tutorials are typically (not always of course) bad is that many people don't have a lot of time to play games and having to trudge through an overly long tutorial will cause them to give up and move on to one of the millions of other games that may get to the point more quickly and allow them to get to the heart of the game more quickly.

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Still cannot believe the amount of people who say and believe in

" I'll wait until it appears on PS+/SteamSale/HumbleBundle "

Still cannot believe those people are intelligent enough to post on the internet either.

Yeah I can't believe these idiots who try to save money on games, what a bunch of jackasses!

Gaming is an expensive hobby. If you only buy games at full price on the day of release you're either going to spend a whole lot more money or buy a whole lot less games. Is it wrong to wait for a sale to buy jeans from J. C. Penney? Is it wrong to buy used cars? Is it bad to order off the dollar menu? I'd rather buy deeply discounted sales and have no debt then join the majority of my American counterparts living off of credit cards and abusing bankruptcy.